The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
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Academic Misconduct (GEN 4.B.3)

UW System rules pertaining to student academic disciplinary procedures are found in Chapter UWS 14 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code. As a guide to the process, Chapter UWS 14 lists acts of academic misconduct subject to disciplinary action and disciplinary sanctions that may be imposed. The following is a summary of the process an instructor should follow when presenting a matter under these rules. The instructor shall offer to discuss the matter with the student. If the instructor concludes that academic misconduct occurred, the instructor may proceed to impose a disciplinary sanction. The instructor may recommend to the Dean of Students Office that disciplinary probation, suspension or expulsion be imposed. The student has the right to a hearing before the academic misconduct hearing committee. Specific procedures are contained in Chapter UWS 14.

Specific questions pertaining to these rules should be addressed to the Dean of Students Office. Faculty and instructional academic staff who handle a case of academic misconduct are encouraged to request a copy of Chapter UWS 14 from the Dean of Students Office.