The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
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Academic Assessment (Appendix C)

Academic Assessment

The Faculty Senate Committee for the Assessment of Student Learning provides guidance for programs in terms of assessment plans, assessment reporting and the selection of university wide assessment instruments. At UW Oshkosh, assessment takes place at the course, program and university levels to determine if students are meeting the university learning outcomes. Assessment results are shared in the Oshkosh Student Achievement Report designed to communicate the results of the many campus assessments. The committee adopted the following definition of assessment, a systematic means of ascertaining the fit between our expectations (what we intend) and students’ actual achievement of those expectations. The assessment process is guided by and anchored in intellectual curiosity about the collective efficacy of our educational practices. Peggy Maki, 2009

Academic Assessment

Assessment of learning outcomes for each academic program will occur every three years. The program assessment report form is available on the Office of the Provost’s Academic Affairs website. These reports are to be summarized and included in the evaluation portion of each department’s program review self-study document.

Academic Assessment Process

  • Program informed when assessment is due
  • Program identifies person to draft report with input from other members
  • Biennial Program Assessment Report reviewed by Faculty Senate Committee on Assessment and Student Learning (FSCASL).
  • FSCASL provides the program feedback on its assessment report.
  • If the FSCASL recommends changes, the report will be reviewed again.
  • The final Program Assessment report is to be included in the program’s 7-year review self-study document.