The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
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Academic Admission Standards (GEN 4.B.4)

(1) Admission, Continuation and Graduation Standards: Guiding Principles or Academic Program

Colleges, departments and academic programs have the primary responsibility for establishing the entrance and exit requirements for their majors, minors, emphases and certificate programs. Factors such as accreditation, practica, upper-level class performance, pre-professional exams, and post-graduate work, may shape a program’s expectations. Enrollment management should not be the sole consideration in determining admissions, continuation and graduation requirements. Such requirements should not be based on any single criteria, but rather on an appropriate variety of factors.

Programs adding or changing requirements or standards should consider any potential substantial impact of the change on other programs, and should include implementation dates and plans for notifying current and prospective students of any changes.

(2) Change in Admissions Requirements

Any requested change in admission standards by an academic unit or program within a college shall be submitted in writing from the appropriate program unit to the Division (in College of Letters and Science only), the College Committee, College Dean, other Deans, Provost and Vice Chancellor and to the Faculty Senate for approval with full details of the proposed change, including rationale, effective date, and a statement describing the decision-making process leading to the recommendation.

For graduate-level and dual-level programs the department faculty will establish criteria for admission and forward the criteria in writing through the Dean of the College to the Office of Graduate Studies which will obtain concurrence from the Graduate Council. The Office of Graduate Studies will send written recommendations for approval to the Provost and Vice Chancellor. When approved, the change must be communicated by the unit, on and off campus.

Guidelines and forms are available in the Provost and Vice Chancellor’s Office.