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Many areas of the UW Oshkosh campus are under construction through the typical May 2022 move-out week so we wanted to provide students, parents, employees, and the Oshkosh community with some additional information that will help maintain a level of organization during move-out.

If you’re moving a student out of a resident hall we’re asking that you use the HWY 41/HWY 21 exit and proceed to campus from HWY 21/Congress Avenue to High Avenue. This is important because Algoma Blvd is closed from Wisconsin St to W. New York Ave and High Avenue (even though much of it is now two-way traffic) is still one-way traffic from Osceola St to Wisconsin St.

We’ve developed a video that will show you and talk through move-out routes using map and some drone footage to make things a bit easier. Please watch our Move-out Video here and we’ll see ya’ll next week!

UWOPD Move-out Guidance Video