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UW Oshkosh Police Department is rolling out Amnesty Week. Each school year barricades, cones, signs and other construction equipment in place to protect our campus community disappears from campus – typically during evening hours. This year is no exception and with the construction around campus, the loss is amplified.  

During Amnesty Week (May 10-14) anyone who has an item that is not theirs may return the item to campus, no questions asked. Here are some of the items we’d love to see returned:  

  • Construction cones 
  • Barricades 
  • Signs (street signs, construction signs, wet floor signs, etc.) 
  • Cups, napkin holders, utensils and other dining items 
  • Other items of value that belong to campus or the City of Oshkosh 

Items may be dropped off at the following locations (please look for the Amnesty Week signs):  

  • Lot #15  
  • Lot #17 (a trailer also is available here) 
  • Residence Hall lobbies 

If you have questions, you can anonymously complete our online form to report an incident and we’ll email you back or you can chat with a UWO Police dispatcher on UWO Mobile.