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Message from Bradley Spanbauer –

Spring means increased activity of wildlife on campus.

Many birds and other animals have returned to campus or are becoming more active, and are building nests or dens around campus to raise their young.

Please do not disturb them.  In 2006, the University signed the Earth Charter an international document which calls for “respect and care for the community of life”. This means being respectful of wildlife and giving them space.

It is a UWS Chapter 18 violation to interfere with wildlife on campus:

18.06 (2) PROHIBITED ACTS; WILDLIFE. No person may remove, destroy, or molest any bird, animal or fish life within the boundaries of university lands except as authorized by the chief administrative officer or except when this provision conflicts with a special order of the department of natural resources.

If you see someone disturbing wildlife, please report it to University Police or the Dean of Students.