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Algoma Boulevard remains closed from New York Avenue to Wisconsin Street however, the road closed signs aren’t always completely blocking the roadway for several reasons:

  1. Construction employees need to have entry/exit access to accomplish their work
  2. The area from Elmwood Ave onto Algoma Blvd and into Lincoln Circle has a pathway for employees, Children’s Center guests, and students who park in Lot # 37 (please be more alert as you drive through this area) – shown on the map below.
  3. The loading docks have to remain open in several areas for deliveries.
  4. Access to Lot # 15 is still available intermittently from Osceola St to the Lot # 15 entrance. Visitors should drive only that short block between the entry/exit and Osceola St (as needed).

High Avenue between Osceola St and W. New York Ave is accommodating two-way traffic through this phase of the project.

The work includes completing the storm, sanitary, water and concrete paving on Algoma Blvd. While the project is expected to be completed largely by November of 2022, please note that the schedule is subject to change based on weather and other factors.

Emerald ash tree removal, while a separate project, is also occurring during this time frame as well.

Impacted campus facilities will include:

  • Algoma Blvd will be closed to through traffic
  • Lot # 18 (Scott Hall), the access to and from Algoma Blvd will be restricted at times
  • Lot # 37 (Lincoln Hall), the access from Algoma Blvd/Lincoln Circle will be restricted at times
  • Lot # 15 (Blackhawk Commons), the access from Algoma Blvd will be restricted
  • Lot # 4a, south access will be restricted
  • 15-minute street parking on the Algoma Blvd side of Reeve Union will not be available and loading dock access  will be restricted
  • Access to the restricted area between Albee Hall and Dempsey will be further restricted
  • Access to the Oviatt House parking area will be restricted
  • The bus stop at Algoma Boulevard and Woodland Avenue, will be closed
  • The bus stop at Algoma Boulevard and Osceola Street, will be closed
  • The restricted access driveway leading to the Theatre Arts building will be further restricted
  • Campus sidewalks along Algoma will be removed during this phase of the project

As the construction progresses, the campus facilities outlined above will have periods of time where they cannot be accessed. This means the streets (local traffic only) should be used as little as possible by students and employees. Local traffic means garbage trucks, maintenance vehicles, delivery vehicles, and other essential services are the only people who should be in the construction zone and, if you’re in the construction zone, please be attentive and mindful of the things that construction workers have to work around.

Please note: the detours for GO Transit bus routes No. 5 and No. 10 are changing with this new phase. Look for the details in the GO Transit app or on Go Transit’s Facebook page.

More information about the Algoma Boulevard Project also is available online. If would like to receive project updates from the city of Oshkosh, please send a blank email to For questions regarding the construction, please call the city’s Engineering Division at (920) 236-5065. 

Children’s Center/Continuing Education/Lot # 37 Map: