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Oshkosh residents & University community members,

If you drive through the UWO campus to get to a different area in the City of Oshkosh we’re asking that you plan a different route for the foreseeable future. The traffic direction changes will increase risk to our pedestrians and the folks driving around on/near campus. 

Starting this morning UWO has cones, barricades, and delineators in place that change the direction of traffic flow in several areas. Please drive slower than normal, stay alert to 3-way and 4-way stops that are in place to adjust traffic lanes and check out the map below before coming so you have an idea on how to get around.
There are a couple hard closures (no access).
Closed Road # 1
This is on High Ave where the walking path from Reeve Union to Student Rec crosses the street. Lot # 13 (between Kolf and the Tennis courts) is open however, foot traffic has increased in this lot because the walking path is closed that students would normally travel on to get to the Rec Center. *Students, we’re asking that you walk to Osceola and use the Osceola sidewalk to walk to Pearl Ave and then the Pearl Ave sidewalk to get to the Rec. **Parking Services has also opened up some AMP Parking spaces in Lot # 6 (between Student Rec and the Culver Family Welcome Center) to assist students with closer access to the Rec Center.

Closed Road # 2

This is on High Ave near Vine Ave and most of Vine Ave between High Ave and Algoma Blvd. If you’re traveling to campus on High Ave you would need to turn onto W. New York, proceed to Algoma Blvd and then go the wrong direction (temporary two-way access on Algoma) to Woodland Ave. Turn onto Woodland Ave and then proceed to where you were heading originally however, keep in mind that High Ave closes again just as you pass Kolf Sports Center. Using this route will get you to several of our parking lots.

Lot # 27 (UWO Heating Plant Lot) Access

    • If you’d like to get access to Lot # 27 (by the UWO heating plant) and you’re coming from High Ave – use the information listed in Closed Road # 2 to get to Woodland Ave and then turn right from Woodland Ave onto High Ave and proceed to the High Ave entrance/exit to this lot.
    • If you’d like to get access to Lot # 27 and you’re coming from Algoma Blvd – you can proceed to Woodland Ave, turn left onto Woodland Ave from Algoma Blvd and then proceed to High Ave where you’ll take a right on High Ave and proceed to the entrance/exit of Lot # 27.

Here’s a map that shows the general flow of traffic. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

Here are a few photos showing the road closure areas –
Walking path closure on High Ave (from Reeve Union to Student Rec between Taylor Hall and Blackhawk Commons) –