Astronomy Minor

Students with the 22-credit minor in astronomy at UW Oshkosh learn about astronomy and astrophysics, gain basic observational techniques, learn about stellar structure and evolution, galaxies, interstellar matter and star formation.

Required courses (19 credits) | View Course Descriptions

  • College Physics I (PHYS/AST 171) with a grade of “C” or better, OR University Physics I (PHYS/AST 191)
  • College Physics II (PHYS/AST 172) with a grade of “C” or better, OR University Physics II (PHYS/AST 192)
  • Introduction to Astrophysics (PHYS/AST 203)
  • Stellar Structure and Evolution (PHYS/AST 310)
  • Galaxies, the Interstellar Medium and Star Formation (PHYS/AST 313)
Electives (3 or more credits)
  • Stars, Galaxies and the Universe, with lab (PHYS/AST 104) or without (PHYS/AST 114); must be taken before PHYS/AST 203
  • Introductory Modern Physics (PHYS/AST 206) OR any 300- or 400-level PHYS/AST course (except courses already required)
  • Organic Chemistry I (CHEM 235)—3 credits
  • Organic Chemistry II (CHEM 335)—3 credits
  • Analytical Chemistry I (CHEM 311)—4 credits
  • Geophysics and Geotectonics (GEO 326)—3 credits

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Physics & Astronomy

N. Halsey Science Center
Room 127 or 142
921 Elmwood Ave.


Department Chair

Dr. Nadia Kaltcheva
Room 337B


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