Participant Testimonials


This is the best course I have ever had. Dr. Lattery is an excellent teacher. After this course, nothing can be stay the same.
Dinko Mestrovic, Prva Gimnazija Varazdin, Croatia


The Next Generation Modeling Courses for Teachers are incredible! In them, you will explore physics topics and how to teach them through a progression that makes sense. The courses help you examine your own teaching and explore how students can learn in a deep and meaningful way.
– Mike Kennedy, Neuqua Valley High School, Illinois


Dr. Lattery has created an amazing experience for teachers to collaborate with other physics teachers, immerse themselves in the latest research in physics education, and access Interactive lab materials that can be used in our own classrooms. I have made connections with colleagues across the country, and can’t wait to share what I’ve learned with my students.

– Benjamin Powers, Westside High School, Omaha, Nebraska


What a great class! The course offers strategies that benefit students in either realm of physics. Also, this was my first exposure to modeling, and I have already used many of the techniques in my classroom. Two thumbs up!

– Jerome Flewelling, Crown Point High School, 2018 Indiana Teacher of the Year


The courses vastly improved my understanding of modeling instruction and how to implement it. I have already found myself adapting lessons for my classes based on what we I have learned, even lessons outside of the topic areas we have covered so far. And the interaction with classmates that is fostered through the courses has been invaluable! I feel like I have developed a new cohort of colleagues that continues beyond the course. I highly recommend this program for any high school physics educator!

– Robert Mason, Bellevue East High School, Bellevue, Nebraska


Thank you so much for teaching this course! You have re-ignited my passion for becoming a great teacher, and given me great hope that I can turn my science class into something more than mediocre. Thanks for all your work and all the feedback. I hope to join you in another class in the future.

– Ryan Gray, John Paul the Great Academy, Lafayette, Louisiana


I was not sure what to expect from The Next Generation Modeling Courses for Teachers, but it is safe to say they exceeded my expectations.  These courses are very well organized and focus on concepts that can be immediately implemented in the classroom.  The selection of quality research articles compliments the virtual labs where you learn modeling by doing modeling.  I also enjoyed the discussion threads with other teachers enrolled in the course as a way to share ideas and discuss our teaching strategies.  Whether you are a first-year teacher or an experienced veteran, you are certain to learn something that will improve your instruction.

– Nicholas Reding, Papillion-La Vista High School, Omaha, Nebraska


I’ve put what I learned through your courses to work with my students.  Your classes are the most legit remote courses I’ve ever taken…We had to do something every day and there was a solid structure to it. I’m even using Pivot!

– Vance Nannini, Divine Child High School, Dearborn, Michigan


I’m a veteran teacher, and thought I was doing a pretty good job with my classes.  After just one semester working with Dr. Lattery and Modeling, though, I’ve got so many new ideas to try.  It has rejuvenated me in the classroom and I can’t wait to try out the things I’ve learned!

– Alan Dappen, Papillion-La Vista High School, Omaha, Nebraska


This course has given me an excellent introduction to modeling instruction and is really making me re-think how I teach physics. I am already trying to use it in the classroom and am excited about the changes I am seeing. The class has an excellent mix of practical ideas combined with the research to back it up. I think it is going to greatly shift the way I teach.

– Urska Manners, American International School of Budapest


The course is giving me good time to think more deeply about building and refining models with students. I can see ways to teach wave phenomena that are superior to the strategies I was using earlier in my career when I last taught this content.

– Craig Buszka, AMTA Leader Development Workshop Facilitator, Montgomery High School, New Jersey


These courses have been some of the most valuable online courses I have taken as a teacher. I love working through the labs and the readings–all useful and thought provoking. I liked how the course allowed us to see [the modeling approach] from a student’s perspective. The virtual labs were also quite helpful as getting good data with the real-time experiments can often be difficult or impossible if equipment is lacking. The video-based labs allowed me to focus on the phenomenon and the model. I feel more confident teaching waves after taking this course.

– Rebecca Falin, iSTEM Geauga Early College High School, Painesville, Ohio


The order the material was organized in really did help develop the complexity of the topics and my thinking. I enjoyed the topics that were presented.

– Julie Kautzer, Oakfield High School, Wisconsin


I loved all of the PhET simulations and how they really helped me to visualize the material. I also loved that I was “forced” into some deeper thinking….both on topics new to me and some that I haven’t studied in many years since they are things I don’t teach as part of my courses. Really stretched my brain!

– Tamara Smith, Marinette High School, Wisconsin


Great organization – I really liked knowing what was due when and the routine of lab, reflective writing, and then post lab…

– Mary Stowell, Riverdale School District, Wisconsin


This course keeps you honest about what you know and can improve on regarding waves in the physics classroom. I was able to modify much my wave curriculum to better support student learning after taking this course.

– Amanda Hochstatter, Millenium Brooklyn High School, Brooklyn, New York

Also from past courses…

My level of understanding of science content was drastically improved! I have been morphed into a Modeling Method enthusiast because I lived it, and there’s no going back because there’s no other way to teach, because there’s no better way to learn. It’s that simple. I loved the struggle I faced as I was asked questions about science I didn’t take the time to truly wonder about. The Modeling philosophy of “concept first” makes so much sense! The power of it all still lingers!

– Ruth Berken, Preble High School, Wisconsin


It was a wonderful mix of academic subject and technology and pedagogy all in one. Very practical. Much better than taking a class on pedagogy without incorporating actual knowledge into it! This (course) was so much more valuable to teaching than a typical education class. It has made me realize how much I have “watered down ” my content and lowered my expectations for students, just so I didn’t have to fight the system anymore. This will definitely impact my teaching in a positive way. It will be tough to change, but I learned so much about how students think and learn.

– Jennifer Stever, East Troy High School, Wisconsin


The materials from this class can be used directly in the classroom. I intend to try to incorporate as much of the Modeling Method as possible in my teaching next year and will continue to add things in the years to come.

– Pauline King, Melrose-Mindoro High School, Wisconsin


This course had a major impact on the way I will teach physical science concepts. My students will present their lab results using the white board technique and will be challenged to describe their preexisting models when a new topic is introduced.

– Gereon Welhouse, St. Lawrence Seminary High School, Wisconsin


This is hands done the best. It will actually improve my class not just bog me down with paperwork. This helps me become even more excited to share science with my students. The modeling approach will help me, help students to dig into Physics.

– Brian Allen, Kimberly High School, Wisconsin


We learned the Modeling Method by doing it, not by reading survey results. I learned a great way to make my students the owners of their learning…and how I want my future as a science teacher to start heading. I used many of the technologies before, but I started to see how I can fit them to my own needs, and not just use the cookie cutter stuff they share with us when we get a book.

– Terry Schwaller, Shiocton High School, Wisconsin


By far, this has been the best professional development course I have experienced. I have taken content courses that are comparable, but not a methods of teaching course. This has provided a wonderful opportunity to obtain much needed technology equipment in my classroom. I am also able to walk away with more confidence to use the equipment. Thanks for the opportunity for me to improve my teaching. I feel very fortunate to have had this experience.

– Deb Freitag, Clear Lake High School, Wisconsin


Our Science Olympiad team (state champions, competing at nationals in Orlando) placed 2nd NATIONWIDE in the optics event…I essentially taught optics to these kids using your summer course’s curriculum. Thanks again.

– Eric Gettrust, Madison West High School, Wisconsin





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