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NGMC Faculty


Mark Lattery, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Physics, NGMC Director
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Mark Lattery received a Ph. D. degree in experimental particle physics and a M.Ed. in curriculum and instruction from the University of Minnesota/Twin Cities. He is Distinguished Professor of Physics, the 2021 David Hestenes Award for Exceptional Contributions to Modeling Instruction recipient, and President of Modeling Teachers International, a new subsidiary of the American Modeling Teachers Association (AMTA). Lattery is also an experimental particle physicist and a member of the PANDA Collaboration at FAIR. For excellence in teaching, Lattery was named UW-System Wisconsin Teaching Scholar and Wisconsin Teaching Fellow. His research interests include physics education, experimental particle physics, and the history and philosophy of science. The author of many peer-reviewed research articles, Dr. Lattery has published in such diverse journals as Physical Review Letters, The Physics Teacher, School Science and Mathematics, Physics Education, and Science & Education. Dr. Lattery  is author of the book, Deep Learning in Introductory Physics: Exploratory Studies of Model-Based Reasoning (Information Age Publishing, 2017).


Scott Hertting, M.S., NBCT, Instructional Faculty
Neenah High School

Scott Hertting received a Masters degree in physics education from the University of Wisconsin River Falls.  His Bachelor of Science degree is in chemistry from UW – LaCrosse. A 27-year veteran science educator, he currently teaches two levels of physics at Neenah High School utilizing the research based Modeling Method of Instruction.  Hertting earned National Board Certification in physics in 2003 and successfully recertified in 2013.  Other honors of distinction include the 2013 Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching (PAEMST), 2013 Kohl Fellowship and 2007 recipient of WSST’s Excellence in Science Education. Publications in The Physics Teacher include “Stunt Barbie” and “Energy Blocks”.  Hertting continues to serve as the contact person and meeting facilitator for the “Phox Valley Physics and Physical Science Share Group”; a professional learning community for physics and physical science teachers that he helped found in 2001.


College of Education and Human Services

Dr. Eric Brunsell, Graduate Program Coordinator
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Department of Teaching and Learning




Advisory Panel Members

Peter Bohaeck
Physics Teacher and Consultant
Pivot Interactives
Henry Sibley High School
Mendota Heights, Minnesota

Jeffrey Elmer
Physics Teacher and Adjunct Professor
Badger High School
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Scott Hertting, NBCT
Physics Teacher and Adjunct Professor
Neenah High School
Neenah, Wisconsin

Trish Loeblein
Physics Teacher and Consultant
PhET Interactive Simulations
Boulder, Colorado

Terry Schwaller
Physics Teacher
Shiocton High School
Schiocton, Wisconsin

Matthew Vonk, Ph.D.
Physics Professor and Consultant
University of Wisconsin-River Falls
Pivot Interactives
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Edward Wyrembeck
Physics Teacher and Adjunct Professor
Howards Grove High School
Howards Grove, Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Physics & Astronomy

N. Halsey Science Center
Room 127 or 142
921 Elmwood Ave.


Department Chair

Dr. Nadia Kaltcheva
Room 337B


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7:45 a.m.-4:30 p.m.