Program Overview

Program Goals

Next Generation Modeling Courses 
are graduate-level asynchronous online courses for physics and physical science teachers (grades 10-12). These professional development courses have four main goals:

    • Strengthen subject-matter content knowledge in physics
    • Deepen understanding of research-based methods of science teaching; common student learning difficulties; the Next Generation Science Standards; and teaching/learning theories in physics education
    • Engage teachers in the national conversation about the goals and methods of science teaching through participation in state and national science teaching organizations, local special-interest groups, and action research
    • Provide a pathway to Higher Learning Commission (HLC) compliance for teachers seeking to become dual enrollment instructors


Admission Requirements

Admission to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is not required to participate in
 Next Generation Modeling Courses. Students may enroll as “special students.”  Please click “Registration” in the menu at the left to enroll. General course requirements include:


    • Bachelor’s degree in science, science education, or equivalent
    • Certification to teach middle or secondary school science (grades 6-12), or enrollment in an approved alternative license program
    • Two-semester sequence of university-level algebra-based physics (General Physics 171-172 or equivalent)

Next Generation Modeling Courses (NGMCs) are a coordinated set of graduate-level “short courses” for physics teachers (grades 10-12):

    • Scientific Modeling and Computation for Teachers, 2-3 cr.
    • Waves and Applications for Teachers, 2-3 cr.
    • Modern Physics for Teachers, 2-3 cr.
    • Electrostatics and Magnetism for Teachers, 2-3 cr.
    • Energy and Matter for Teachers, 2-3 cr.
    • Capstone in Modeling for Teachers, 3 cr.
All NGMCs are offered in an fully online format. The program is designed to enable teachers to take these courses during the school year or in the summer.


Our Philosophy

Effective professional development for science teachers requires strong partnerships with teachers, schools, and businesses. This philosophy is reflected in:

    • the establishment of an Advisory Panel to guide program development
    • a recent collaborative effort by UW Oshkosh and local special interest groups (Phox Share Group, Central Wisconsin Share Group, and MAPS) to survey the current professional development needs of physics and physical science teachers  as input to program design and development
    • active participation in state science teaching organizations (WAPT, WSST, and WMTA) and national science teaching organizations (NSTA, AAPT, and PhysTEC)
    • close communication with education leaders, includes CESAs, school districts, principals, and science chairs

This philosophy is based on over 25 years of service to physics teachers, including such physics-teacher professional development programs as Modeling Physical Science (ESEA Title II) and the Masters of Science Education Physics Education Track (UW Oshkosh College of Education).

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