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modeling in myanmarNext Generation Modeling Courses  (NGMC) are graduate-level online courses for physics and physical science teachers (grades 6-12) offered through the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Department of Physics/Astronomy. These professional development courses have four main goals: 

  • Strengthen subject-matter content knowledge in physics
  • Deepen understanding of research-based methods of science teaching; common student learning difficulties; the Next Generation Science Standards; and teaching/learning theories in physics education
  • Engage teachers in the national conversation about the goals and methods of science teaching through participation in state and national science teaching organizations, local special-interest groups, and action research 
  • Provide a pathway to Higher Learning Commission (HLC) compliance for teachers in the Cooperative Academic Partnership Program (CAPP) 

All Next Generation Modeling Courses provide a suitable entry point into the Modeling Method of Physics Instruction (except the Intermediate Modeling Topics and Advanced Modeling Topics) and the concepts of Deep Learning in Introductory Physics

Unfamiliar with the Modeling Method of Instruction? Click here for a brief introduction. 

Courses offered in this NGMC course suite are:

   Waves and Applications for Teachers, 2 cr. (Spring 2018)  
   Modern Physics for Teachers, 2 cr. (Summer 2018) 
   Electrostatics and Magnetism for Teachers,
2-3 cr. (Spring 2019) 
   Energy and Matter for Teachers, 2-3 cr. (Summer 2019, July 15 to August 9)  Hope you can join us!

Click Curriculum Map and Course Descriptions for more information. 


Join us Summer 2019! 


energy and matter postcard (summer 2019)


What Teachers Are Saying About Next Generation Modeling Courses

This course has given me an excellent introduction to modeling instruction (and) is really making me re-think how I teach physics. I am already trying to use it in the classroom and am excited about the changes I am seeing. The class has an excellent mix of practical ideas combined with the research to back it up. I think it is going to greatly shift the way I teach. 

-Urska Manners, American International School of Budapest

The course is giving me good time to think more deeply about building and refining models with students. I can see ways to teach wave phenomena that are superior to the strategies I was using earlier in my career when I last taught this content. 

-Craig Buszka, AMTA Leader Development Workshop Facilitator, Montgomery High School, New Jersey

I think these two courses have been some of the most valuable online courses I have taken as a teacher. I love working through the labs and the readings...were all useful and thought provoking.  I liked how [Waves and Applications for Teachers] worked through the modeling curriculum and allowed us to see it from a student's perspective. The virtual labs were also quite helpful as getting good data with the real-time experiments can often be difficult or impossible if equipment is lacking. The video-based labs allowed me to focus on the phenomenon and the model. I feel more confident teaching waves after taking this course.

-Rebecca Falin, iSTEM Geauga Early College High School, Painesville, Ohio


The order the material was organized in really did help develop the complexity of the topics and my thinking. I enjoyed the topics that were presented.

-Julie Kautzer, Oakfield High School, Wiusconsin


I loved all of the PhET simulations and how they really helped me to visualize the material. I also loved that I was "forced" into some deeper thinking....both on topics new to me and some that I haven't studied in many years since they are things I don't teach as part of my courses. Really stretched my brain! 

-Tami Smith, Marinette High School, Wisconsin

Great organization - I really liked knowing what was due when and the routine of lab , reflective writing, and then post lab..

-Mary Stowell, Riverdale School Distsrict, Wisconsin

This course keeps you honest about what you know and can improve on regarding waves in the physics classroom. I was able to modify much my wave curriculum to better support student learning after taking this course.

-Amanda Hochstatter, Millenium Brooklyn High School, Brooklyn, New York



In Fall 2018, UW Oshkosh took an important step towards the creation of a new Master's of Science in Education (MSE) with a specialization in physics education. Provost John Koker approved a new academic code (PHYS CP, Physics Content-Pedagogy) to receive the new NGMCs, which will contribute to part of this degree.

In Spring 2019, the COEHS approved the proposed PHYS CP as electives in the MSE program. The MSE degree in physics education will be conferred by the College of Education and Human Services. Currently, all online NGMCs are offered through the Secondary Education 715 course code.

Please watch this space for updates. 

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