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Secondary Education Emphasis

This schedule outlines only the physics courses and math pre-requisites for a physics major in secondary education. The required education courses and liberal electives must also be worked into the schedule. 


Four-Year Course Plan

Below is a typical four-year course plan for the College of Letters and Sciences physics major with the education emphasis.



An additional six hours of physics electives is required. The above only lists courses required as part of the secondary education emphasis. Requirements for licensure will typically require a fifth year of study. 
Courses above marked with "*" are offered every 4th semester: 

  • 305, Circiuts & Devices, Fall of Even years 
  • 307, Optics: Fall of odd years 
  • 355, Lab & Demo: Spring of odd years 
  • 408, Thermo, Fall of even years 

Other Electives: 

  • 203, Intro to Astrophysics
  • 310, Stellar Structure and Evolution
  • 311, Digital Electronics
  • 313, Galaxy and Star Formation 
  • 319*, Digital Signal Processing 
  • 405*, Interfacing 
  • 417*, Electricity & Magnetism 
  • 419*, Quantum Mechanics 
  • 451, Special Topics 
  • 491, Senior Research 



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