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Department Photos

09 alma

Alma Enciso (physics-engineering dual degree major, 2021) measures the charge-to-mass ratio of an electron.

08 jaren










Jaren Hergert (physics major, 2020) uses the Reflection High-Energy Electron Refraction (RHEED) system to characterize the surface of crystalline surfaces. 

brad christian mark














Mark Belanger (physics major, 2020), Bradley Brooks (department instrumentation specialist), and Christian Quiles (physics-engineering dual degree major) prepare to launch a rocket. 


12 raab green

Dakota Raab (physics major, 2018)

04 michael and mark

Timothy Van Rooy (physics major, 2020) and Michael Watson (physics major, 2019) 

Bart presentation

Dr. Bart Pritzl gives an astronomy research presentation in Halsey Science Center (2017).


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