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Where Are They Now?

Recent Job Placements/Grad School Acceptances 

UW Oshkosh physics graduates pursue many different career paths. Below are sample job placements and graduate school acceptances for the past five years (2013-2017). 

Steven Bartel, 2015
Epic Systems

Ellyn Bell, 2015
Alliance Laundry Systems

Philip Boyle, 2014
Mechanical Engineer/Analyst

Timothy Conard, 2017
Sierra Nevada Corporation
Mechanical Engineer

Thomas Gehrman, 2016
Minnesota State University
Graduate Student in Physics

Nicholas Grosskopf, 2016
Bemis Corporation

Henri LeMieux, 2016
San Francisco State University (accepted)
Graduate Student in Physics

Steven Lund, 2015
Werner Electric
Engineer, Motion Specialist

Kevin Moran, 2015
Engineer, OBD Calibration

Scott Nelson, 2014
Briggs and Stratton
Engineer, Test Systems

Eric Nipko, 2016
Plexus Corporation

Stuart Pawlak, 2016
DeForest Area School District
Science Teacher

Patrick Plashko, 2017
Tait Towers
Control Integration

Erin Prader, 2016
Fond du Lac Areas School District
Science Teacher

Erik Robinson, 2016
Werner Electric
Engineer, Technical Support

Adam Ruiz, 2015
John Deere Horicon Works
Manufacturing Engineer Supervisor

Jobe Soffa, 2013
WEX Health
Engineer, BSOC

Benjamin Vander Loop, 2016
Mechanical Engineer

Stay Connected

As University of Wisconsin Oshkosh alumni, you are part of our large and growing network of friends and supporters. Nearly 80,000 of you call UW Oshkosh your alma mater!

When you stay involved with UW Oshkosh by sharing your personal and professional accomplishments, registering to mentor a student or getting a group of former classmates together for Homecoming helps strengthen the connections and adds continued value to your degree. Stay connected with UW Oshkosh.


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