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First Grade Health Promotion Project

First Grade Health Promotion Project

May 07, 2009 12:00 AM

UW Oshkosh College of Nursing

**This project was entered before a format change so contact information and full credits are not included. If you were a part of this project and would like to update the project with additional information, please contact Jill Collier at Target population: 1st graders-- about 8 students/week for 5 weeks. Objective: students learned about nutrition and exercise through activites, worksheets, and marker board presentations

Webster Stanley Lighted School House After School Program

Outcome: Over 80% of the students were able to identify what food groups are in the food pyramid, and what activities are good for the heart. Materials developed may be used again in the future. Future use: kids will be able to choose healthy foods throughout their lives, teach parents about their food choices, and incorporate exercise into their lifestyle

The children have been at the school for several hours before presentations begin and thus they become restless. Also, the classroom layout is distracting. There is a classroom helper in the room during our presentation. She is new and not able to help with disciplining the children. This takes away from the presentation.

posters, games, worksheets

Basic Public Health Science Skills

Analytic Assessment Skills, Communication Skills

Outreach - Outreach locates populations-of-interest or populations-at-risk and provides information about the nature of the concern, what can be done about it, and how services can be obtained., Health Teaching - Health teaching communicates facts, ideas, and skills that change knowledge, attitudes, values, beliefs, behaviors, and practices and skills of individuals, families, systems, and/or communities.


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