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Since Spring 2020, the Philosophy Department has offered a 12-credit Applied Ethics Certificate. This program appeals not only to philosophy majors and minors, but also to students in STEM and pre-professional programs whose future employers may well desire to hire students that have demonstrated a commitment to learning how ethical principles apply to various “real-world” scenarios.

The Applied Ethics Certificate can be completed by taking Philosophy 105/106 Ethics (as either a Quest course or as an Explore course), and any three (or more) of the courses on the following list:

  • Philosopy 205/206 Ethics in a Diverse Society
  • Philosophy 220 Business and Ethics
  • Philosophy 230 Environmental Ethics
  • Philosophy 231 Biomedical Ethics
  • Philosophy 335 The Philosophy of Sex
  • Philosophy 350 Computing Ethics

The only other requirement is the completion of a pass/fail, (0-credit) Applied Ethics Certificate Capstone, an independent study course in which you will write a reflection essay reviewing and commenting upon what you have learned in your Certificate courses concerning the nature of ethical issues in the areas covered.

To pursue an Applied Ethics Certificate, first fill out this form and then take it to the front desk of the University Advising Resource Center (UARC) office.

For more information, please contact Dr. Robert Wagoner, Philosophy Department Chair, at