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UW Oshkosh

Department of Philosophy

800 Algoma Blvd.

Oshkosh, WI 54901

Phone: (920) 424-1366

Closed Section Policy

If you wish to enroll in a section of a philosophy course that has been closed on Titan Web, please contact the instructor of the class.

UW Oshkosh Philosophy Department

The Philosophy Department at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is located on the third floor of Radford Hall, in the heart of our scenic campus on the Fox River. We are proud of our high quality undergraduate program and of the scholarship produced by the department’s faculty. Our majors have been accepted by some of the best graduate philosophy programs in the country, and many of our students find careers in business, law, and medicine. If you are interested in the department’s courses, or if you are wondering how to become a philosophy major, minor, or certificate student, please explore this website further! If you have any questions, simply contact us via email or telephone, or come by the department in person – everyone is welcome!

2022 Socratic Award Winner: Vincent Delelio!

Congratulations to Vincent Delelio, winner of the UWO Philosophy Department’s 2022 Socratic Award! At UWO, Vincent was a regular presence at the Philosophy Club and was active both in Philosophy and in his English Major.  Vincent is considering pursuing graduate studies in the future.  We wish Vincent the best of luck in future pursuits.

UWO Philosophy Major Alumnus Wins Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Writing

Congratulations to UWO Philosophy Major Alumnus Jeff Gerritt for winning a Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Writing. Jeff says  the skills he learned in his philosophy classes at UWO were a key to his success: "Once I became an editorial writer, the skills that I learned as a philosophy major at UW Oshkosh really came to the fore. The logical deductive reasoning to make arguments, that is very much part of editorial writing. I think it was invaluable that I was a philosophy major at UW Oshkosh and...

UWO Philosophy Program Ranks in the Top 100 for Value

As recently reported by the Advance Titan, according to Great Value Colleges, a company that ranks colleges and universities by department "in an effort to contribute to the academic mission of higher learning institutes", the UWO Philosophy program is among the Top 100 in the country in terms of value. For more information, visit the following URL-

Sign Up Now for the Applied Ethics Certificate!

Since Spring 2020, the Philosophy Department has offered a 12-credit Applied Ethics Certificate. This program appeals not only to philosophy majors and minors, but also to students in STEM and pre-professional programs whose future employers may well desire to hire students that have demonstrated a commitment to learning how ethical principles apply to various "real-world" scenarios. The Applied Ethics Certificate can be completed by taking Philosophy 105/106 Ethics (as either a Quest course...