Driver Authorization Policy and Procedures

Driver Authorization is required for students, employees (permanent and temporary) and volunteers/agents whose job requires them to drive on university business. This includes using

• a State or university vehicle,
• any rented or leased vehicle, or
• a personally-owned vehicle.


Driver Authorization Application Form

All UW Oshkosh drivers (in-state or out-of-state) must complete the electronic online VEHICLE USE AGREEMENT form. Completing this form indicates the driver has read and understands the State Fleet Policy and Procedures Manual, which is included under the Fleet Policies link within the agreement.


General Instructions

Please complete the VEHICLE USE AGREEMENT for Wisconsin license holders.

  1. To log in at the first screen where it shows “Select Type of Employee,” be sure to select either “UW” or “Volunteer” as appropriate.  (DO NOT select “State.”) At the “UW Campus” screen, be sure to use the dropdown to select “UW Oshkosh.”
  2. Out-of-state drivers must obtain a driver abstract (driving history) with at least two years of driving history from their home state. This can be done by reaching out to their state’s Department of Motor Vehicles or the Secretary of State. There may be a fee for the abstract, and the driver is responsible for that fee.
  3. You will receive an email notification once the request is processed.

Volunteer drivers: Note that you will need to submit the Volunteer Driver Authorization Form along with an updated Volunteer/Agent letter.


Approval Questions

You can check the Approved Driver Database (real-time data) for your driver status.

Login to the Fleet Management website, then select Reports and Driver Summary from the top menu.



To search by UDDS, enter your Division’s UDDS (i.e., UF300000  for OSH\ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES).

Check here if you want more information on the UW System Driver Authorization Process.

If you have questions about campus driver authorization, please contact the driver authorization agent by emailing

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Parking regulations are enforced year-round, even when classes are not in session.

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