UW Oshkosh ADA Parking Space Dashboard – 

UW Oshkosh currently has roughly 3300 parking spaces. These spaces are broken down into roughly 18 categories that include ADA, resident, commuter, 15-minute, AMP, reserved, restricted, motorcycle, EV, employee, and a few more types of spaces that are specific to the needs of facilities and programs.
  • There are 122 ADA parking spaces on the UWO Oshkosh campus
  • This totals 3.7% of our available parking spaces.
  • We are required by State Statute to have 66 parking spaces (or 2% of the total).
  • Click here to see a map that shows our available ADA Parking Spaces.
    • Click on the lot in the key to zoom to the highlighted ADA spaces.
    • Official ADA spaces are designated by proper signage. 
    • This map and the information contained here is to assist our campus community members in locating spaces.

Other Important Information – 

  • UW Oshkosh Parking Services will always do our best to work with students through the proper processes to ensure that their needs are met.
  • UW Oshkosh students, employees, and guests are allowed by UW Oshkosh parking policies to park in an ADA parking space in any UW Oshkosh parking lot as long as they have a valid UW Oshkosh parking permit, a valid ADA placard, and they have their placard properly displayed.

Wisconsin State Statute for ADA Parking Compliance

  • https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/statutes/statutes/346/viii/503/1m/e
  • 346.503(1m)(e) Points of compliance – 
    • An institution of higher education may reserve at least 2 percent of the total number of parking spaces in its facilities.
    • An institution of higher education which reserves parking space under this paragraph shall reserve at least one parking space in each facility for use by a motor vehicle used by any physically disabled person.
    • If the number of spaces so reserved in a facility is fewer than would be reserved under par. (a) , upon request of a physically disabled person the institution of higher education shall reserve one additional space in the facility for use by a motor vehicle used by any physically disabled person.


  • A permit is required in all of our Parking Lots.
  • Vehicles in violations of the listed rules will be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense.
  • Parking citations can be written here at UW Oshkosh in several ways –
  • Vehicles in violation of a “Closed Lot” rule are subject to higher fines and will be towed during snow events at the owner’s expense.

Understanding the space and the striping next to it.

The photos below show ADA Parking Spaces. If you do not have a valid ADA placard properly displayed in your vehicle then you cannot park in the designated space or the striped area adjacent to the space even if you’re only going to be there for 30 seconds or 5 minutes and even if you leave someone in the vehicle and have your hazards on. These practices are not valid reasons to remove a parking space from someone who must have this space available to properly get to and from locations where they need to be.















Parking Policies and Information

Parking Portal

  • Log into your parking portal and click Violations to see the violation types and current pricing.

Parking Policies and Information

  • Regulations for parking are enforced year-round, even when classes are not in session.
  • Parking restrictions are noted on this website and on signs placed outside of each lot.
  • Vehicles in violation of these restrictions will be issued tickets according to our policies.
  • If you desire to appeal a ticket, a written appeal must be received by the Parking Services office within 72 hours of the time of the ticket (excluding Saturdays and Sundays).
  • Online appeals must be filed at uwosh.aimsparking.com.  Late appeals are not accepted and the ticket must be paid.
  • Each time period that a vehicle remains in excess of the posted limit without payment is a violation.
  • In areas where the time limit is greater than 15 minutes and is less than one hour, regulated by metered (AMP) parking, by sign, or otherwise marked as timed parking, a separate violation occurs every hour that the vehicle remains in violation.
  • Failure to pay a parking ticket and continuing to commit parking violations will result in additional fees, suspensions of vehicle registration, and higher fine amounts for future violations.
  • All parking regulations are strictly enforced at all times.

Violation Payments

  • Payment for parking fines can be made in person at 738 High Avenue, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, online, or they can be mailed to: UW Oshkosh Parking Services, 800 Algoma Blvd, Oshkosh, WI  54901
  • If a payment is mailed to our office, please be sure to include the ticket number, license plate number, or the actual paper ticket. Do not send cash through the mail.
  • Parking Services is not be responsible for lost or stolen parking payments.
  • A $20 penalty assessed for non-sufficient fund checks.
  • For tickets unpaid beyond 25 days, the past-due amount will be placed on the student’s account with an additional billing fee OR it will be referred to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation for suspension of vehicle registration, based on the discretion of Parking Services.
  • Non-payment of fines may cause a hold to be placed on student records, including grades and transcripts. 

Towing Information

  • Parking enforcement officers and UW Oshkosh police officers are able to authorize the tow away of a vehicle when it is found in violation of any parking regulation.
  • Repeat violations and/or nonpayment of parking tickets will result in towing and impounding the vehicle involved at the owner’s expense.
  • If your vehicle is missing, please contact the UW Oshkosh Police Department to determine next steps.
  • If you believe your vehicle was towed due to parking violations, please make contact with the Parking Services office to pay all outstanding tickets.
  • Parking Services is not responsible for damages incurred due to towing.
  • Towed vehicles will be released when all outstanding tickets have been paid. 
  • Any tow and/or storage fees are the responsibility of the vehicle owner and/or operator.
  • Abandoned or impounded vehicles will be disposed after 60 days, unless the owner contacts the Parking Services office and makes provisions to release the vehicle and pay all outstanding fines. 
  • During a snow emergency, vehicles parked in any employee, commuter or visitor lot after midnight, or any lot designated as a closed lot will be ticketed and towed to allow for snow removal. 

All fees are subject to change.


Hours and Location

Parking Services
738 High Avenue
Oshkosh, WI

Monday and Thursday
9am - 1pm

Tuesday and Wednesday
11am - 4pm


Contact Information
(920) 424-4455
(920) 424-0906

Parking Regulations

Parking on campus is by permit only.

Parking regulations are enforced year-round, even when classes are not in session.

Visitor Parking Options