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Visual Arts


Broken Spanish

The Broken Spanish project has allowed me to explore and confront racism, stereotype and identity crisis in a way that cannot be so easily ignored.


Programmable Painting

The programmable painting is a composition I created in Collaboration with Jessica Boogaard. The goal of the painting is to incorporate traditional painting elements like texture, line, composition, with technological elements like microcontrollers, LEDs and button switches. The idea is that the LEDs act as pigments of color and work together with the composition to create a combination of technology and painting on a canvas. The program is written to simulate anatomical blood flow through LED sequential blinking and a LED pulse that imitates the heartbeat. The ignition of the program is created when the viewer presses a momentary switch button that turns the Arduino on and runs the code. Three Arduinos and three button switches controls one hundred and eleven LED’s. Each button can be pressed individually creating an organic flow that is unique to its own path. The choice is up to the viewer what button to press and how many at a time. The composition and viewer interaction creates a unique composition that pushes the boundaries in the idea of gallery exhibition environments.