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The regular submission deadline is June 8 for the upcoming issue. We will accept manuscripts anytime for subsequent issues.


How to Submit


Enrolled UW Oshkosh students and recent graduates are eligible to submit their scholarly analytical and creative works to Oshkosh Scholar.

Analytical works must have substantial original research as defined by their field, citations, and an engagement with the secondary literature. Examples of appropriate articles include those written for independent study projects, honors theses, Undergraduate Student/Faculty Collaborative Research projects, or senior seminar projects.

Recent UW Oshkosh graduates can submit work that they completed as undergraduates for up to one year after graduation. While the author may have graduated from UW Oshkosh by the time of publication, the work must have been completed while the author was enrolled as an undergraduate student at UW Oshkosh.

Only one manuscript per student per volume will be accepted.

Please make sure your submission meets all of the submission guidelines and conforms to the style requirements, which requires Chicago style. It is common to do multiple rewrites.


Submission Guidelines

  1. After reviewing Eligibility and Revise for Submission, submit your Oshkosh Scholar CoverPage along with your manuscript in Microsoft® Word format. (See Revise for Submission for specifics on formatting.) You will need to submit both an electronic copy and a hard copy of your Oshkosh Scholar submission and cover page. (The electronic copy of the cover page does not need to be signed.) Send the electronic copies to. Hard copies go to the Office of Student Research and Creative Activity, Dempsey 317.
  2. The Oshkosh Scholar editorial board (including Susan Surendonk, Oshkosh Scholar managing editor, Dr. Robert Wagoner, Oshkosh Scholar faculty editor, and student editors) will screen all submissions to ensure they meet the eligibility requirements. Eligible submissions will be sent to two faculty reviewers (see the analytical review form). Once the reviews are returned, the Oshkosh Scholar faculty editor will meet with student authors and their faculty mentors to discuss the reviewers’ comments. After this meeting, the student has several weeks to revise and resubmit (the student author will also submit a short letter to the editorial board explaining how he or she addressed the review suggestions; the faculty mentor will write a short letter to the editorial board about their strength of support for their student’s paper).
  3. Once all revisions are in, a selection committee composed of an interdisciplinary panel of faculty will review the submissions. The Oshkosh Scholar Selection Committee (separate from the editorial board) has jurisdiction over what will and will not be published.
  4. After the Selection Committee has determined which submissions will be published, the editorial board will copyedit them, then meet with student authors to discuss their drafts. After the editing meeting, authors will make the revisions and return their edited manuscripts. In many cases, the editorial board will send the manuscript back several times for revisions. In order for your final manuscript to be considered for publication, you must make the revisions suggested by the editorial board, unless the changes will alter what you are trying to convey. If you have questions, please contact the editorial board at .
  5. The final print publication is available during the spring semester. Each student author published in Oshkosh Scholar will receive two complimentary copies of the journal and be invited to the Provost’s reception after Celebration of Scholarship and Creative Activity.

Interested in submitting to Oshkosh Scholar? Review our eligibility guidelines and submission process overview, then follow the submission steps below. For help with writing, style, and formatting, see Revise for Submission.


Submission Checklist

  1. Talk to your faculty mentor about whether he or she supports your submission.
  2. Revise your submission for a general audience.
  3. Revise your submission according to the Chicago Manual of Style guidelines and Oshkosh Scholar specifications.
  4. Submit a hard copy of your submission to Dempsey 317, along with a signed CoverPage.
  5. Submit an electronic copy of your submission to along with an electronic copy of the CoverPage (this need not be signed).



•    CoverPage (Word)

•    Analytical Reviewer Form (Word)

•    Proofreading Symbols (pdf)

Office of Student Research and Creative Activity

Dempsey Hall 345
(920) 424-1195