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Research and Writing Resources


  • The CUR Quarterly Journal: The CUR Quarterly journal provides useful and inspiring information about student/faculty collaborative research. Check out recent selected articles from the journal to get ideas for a research project.
  • Undergraduate Research Highlights: The brief descriptions of recent peer-reviewed research or scholarly articles that have been featured in scholarly journals will also give students an idea of the types of research undergraduate students are capable of.



The UW Oshkosh Writing Center
Located in the Student Success Center, 729 Elmwood Avenue, Suite 102 • • (920) 424-1152

All UW Oshkosh students are eligible for one-to-one conferencing at the Writing Center. Free, confidential tutoring is designed to help students work through assignments and gain additional writing skills. Trained peer consultants can assist students at any stage of the composition process, from brainstorming for topics to fine-tuning a final draft. They will assist students with issues like grammar and mechanics not by marking up the paper, but by helping students identify patterns of error and helping them learn how to avoid those errors. The Writing Center now offers e-mail tutoring to online and distance education students. More information can be found at

Style and Citation

Writing style and citation format vary significantly by discipline. Make sure that you follow the proper style for your discipline and the specific publication to which you are submitting. Below are some general resources. Always remember to check your citations for accuracy.

Office of Student Research and Creative Activity

Dempsey Hall 317
(920) 424-1195