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Welcome to the 2021 Celebration of Scholarship & Creative Activity!

This two-day digital experience is designed to platform and celebrate the excellent work Titans are doing in research, scholarship, and creative activity. While we normally prefer to hold this event in-person, we are still excited to rally around our students while supporting efforts to stop COVID-19 by remaining at home. We would like to thank Jonathan Miller, Jennifer Monroe, Trevor Clementi and the rest of our friends in University Marketing & Communications for making this online COSCA possible!

We encourage you to take your time browsing the contents of each student’s page. Read, listen, examine and ponder everything they have to share. When you’re finished, leave a comment in the box at the bottom of the page! Students will be joining the discussion to respond to questions and see who explored the results of their work.

Thank you for joining us for this year’s COSCA. We hope you are inspired by all of the hard work you see on display here.


Dr. Stephen Kercher & the Office of Student Research and Creative Activity

Explore Student Research & Creativity

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All of the research and creative work featured herein is protected by UW System copyright and is the intellectual property of UW Oshkosh students. Visitors to COSCA 2020 may not copy or distribute any research or creative work without the consent of UW Oshkosh students.

Oshkosh Scholar Volume XV is Here

Explore some of the best undergraduate research undertaken by UW Oshkosh Titans in the 2019-2020 academic year!

Awards & Recognition

Oshkosh Scholar

Oshkosh Scholar Authors 

Ash Bott (Dr. Don Dingledine, English) Hard Times and Soft Bodies: Poverty and Emasculation in Tom Kromer’s Waiting for Nothing

Olivia Smith (Dr. Caryn Murphy, Radio TV Film) Framing Womanhood: Benevolent Sexism and Racialized Rhetoric in Antichoice Image Campaigns

Gabrielle Newman (Dr. Carmen Heider, Communication Studies) Reframing Womanhood: A Rhetorical Analysis of Ada James’s “The Womanly Woman”

Samantha Moore (Dr. Caryn Murphy, Radio TV Film) Visual Cyborgs, (Un)faithfulness, and Body Autonomy: A Cyborg Feminist Analysis of Alita: Battle Angel

Molly Hennig (Anna Hersey, Music) Bringing Robert Schumann’s Frauenliebe und Leben into Present-Day Performances

Elijah Schmidt (Dr. Elizabeth Wade-Sirabian, Global Languages and Cultures) Purity Redefined: Sébastien Laudenbach’s De-Christianized Film Adaptation of the Grimm Fairy Tale, “The Maiden Without Hands”

Sam Diemel (Dr. Don Dingledine, English) Beginning to End: Mastery, Hierarchy, and the Anthropocene in Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick

McKenzie Kalshauer (Dr. Heike Alberts, Geography) The Effects of Food Advertising on Childhood Obesity

Macrina Schry (Mr. Richard Kalinoski, Theatre) “God is an Old Drag Queen”


Oshkosh Scholar Cover Design (

Cover artist for Volume XV: Keu See Lor

Oshkosh Scholar Editorial Team 

Dr. Robert Wagoner – Faculty Editor

Natalie Dillon – Student Editor

Macrina Schry – Student Editor

National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR)

Amanda Martinez, Nou Xiong, and Ayak Deng (Alicia Johnson, Women’s Center), Women of Color’s Experiences of Pursuing Higher Education During a Pandemic

Stacey Sparks (Pascale Manning, English), Navigating States of Mind in Jane Austen’s Persuasion

Burgundy Johnson (Jim Feldman and Laura Jean Baker, Environmental Studies and English), Wisconsin, the Wilderness, and the Anthropocene: The Existentialist Dread of a Gen Z’er

UW System Symposium

Francisco Solares Hertewing and Adeel Sultan, Basic Utility Vehicle: Testing, Solar Tracking System, and RC Implementation

James Pechacek, Student Performances in Synchronous and Asynchronous Online Introductory Economics Classes

Margaret Grewal, Hawaiian Music Authenticity: Preservation and Representation

Stacey Sparks, Navigating States of Mind in Jane Austen’s Persuasion

Elias Flor Martinez and Doua Xiong, Subcellular Localization of MntS and Its Interaction with MntP in Manganese Homeostasis of E.coli

Kalista Paszczak, An Exploration of the Relationship Between the Small Protein MntS and the MntP Exporter Protein Regarding Manganese Homeostasis in Escherichia coli

Civil Liberties Collaborative Grants Program

Jordyn Hussey (Trina Smith, Art), America the Unbeautiful

Amanda Martinez and Ayak Deng (Alicia Johnson, Women’s Center), Women of Color’s Experiences of Pursuing Higher Education During a Pandemic

Abigail Merrill (Heidi Nicholls, Anthropology), Imagery Impact

Graduate Student/Faculty Collaborative Research Program

Ben Saltigerald (Anca Miron, Psychology), Examining Effectiveness of Male Ally Goals and Helping Strategies on Twitter

Taylor Kelley (Jessica Lucas, Biology), Kinesin Proteins in the Regulation of Stomatal Pores

Sarah Woody (M. Elsbeth McPhee, Biology), Heavy Metal Concentrations in Sediment, Plant and Muskrat Tissue at Horicon Marsh National Wildlife Refuge

Margaret Ivers (Elizabeth Alderton, Education), Nontraditional Post-Baccalaureate Students: How to Better Provide Support for Perceived Mental Health Needs

Yessra Sankari (Samantha Larson, Public Administration), Evaluation of Refugee Integration in the Oshkosh Area

Undergraduate Student/Faculty Collaborative Research Program

Adanna Okeke, Katelyn Binkowski, Chloe Amoth and Eli Brahm (Paula McNeil and Catherine Schmitt, Nursing), Understanding the Impact of COVID-19 on Students Learning

Julia Thompson (Benjamin Artz, Economics), Flexible Job Structure and the Gender Gap in Voluntary Turnover: The Case of Information Technology Occupations

Hailey Johnson (John Chan, Chemistry), Anthelmintic Mechanism of Benzodiazepines

Elsa Zank (Anna Hersey, Music), Così fan tutte’s Despina

Megan Flood (Anna Hersey, Music), December Songs: A Modern Work Showcasing the Best of the Romantic Era

Joe Sharp (Ahmed Nasif, Engineering Technology), Object Detection Using Millimeter Wave Imaging

Ashlyn O’Brien (Craig Clifford, Art), Ceramic Art Exploration: A Dive into Making Custom Glazes

Undergraduate Small Grants Program Awards

(Awarded during the 2020-2021 Academic Year)

Carter Uslabar (Andrew Redington, Art), Form and FUNction

Aaron Mleziva (Colin Long, Geography), Charcoal Accumulation of Round Lake (WI) – Paleoecological History

Patrick McManus (Nenad Stojilovic, Physics), Electrospinning Aluminum Nanofibers

Adeel Sultan (Warren Vaz, Engineering Technology), Basic Utility Vehicle Optimization

Emma Hathorne (Craig Clifford, Art), Technique Development for Uniform Ceramic Mug Making

Eric Giese (Colin Long, Geography), Glacial Collapse and Floral Advance: A Timeline of Change at Long Lake Near Dundee (WI)

Eric Giese (Brett Hoffman, Anthropology), Gems Amongst the Stones: Looking For a Newly-Identifed Pre-Clovis Tool Complex in Old Collections

Quill Graham (Michelle Kuhl, History), Methodological Framework for Writing Animal/Human Relationships in History

Jordyn Hussey (Trina Smith, Art), Fault

Allison Chen (Benjamin Hallett, Geology), Pressure and Temperature History of the Watersmeet Terrane of Northern Wisconsin

Sarah Vandersee (Andrew Redington, Art), Small Tapestry Weaving in a Contemporary Landscape

Mackenzie Seymour (Jessica Lucas, Biology), Pilot Studies in Plant Physiology to Identify Proteins Involved in Environmental Stress

Hailey Johnson (John Chan, Chemistry), Bioinformatics and RT PCR to Make cDNA for Anthelmintic Mechanism of Benzodiazepines

Kimberly Fredericks (Eric Matson, Biology), Identification and Characterization of Plastic Degrading Microbes From the UW Oshkosh Biodigester

WiSys Quick Pitch Awards

First Place, Science and Technology Division: Brianna Roberts (Brian Wallace, Kinesiology), The Extent Helmet Types Have on Helmet Motion in American Football Collisions

Second Place, Science and Technology Division: Mikayla Cann (Wendy Bauer, Nursing), An Integrative Review of Civil Liberty-Based Rationales for Vaccine Hesitancy and Denial

First Place, Social Sciences and Humanities Division: Julia Thompson (Benjamin Artz, Economics), Flexible Job Structure and the Gender Gap in Turnover: The Case of Information Technology Occupations

Second Place, Social Sciences and Humanities Division: Raiden Montero (Mike Jasinski, Political Science), Materialism and Post-Materialism’s Effects on the Emperor’s Role in Japan

McNair Scholars Program

Program Director: Cordelia Bowlus

Hector Ortega (Michael Baltutis, Religious Studies)

Joshua Roberts (Drew Whiting, Music)

Mia VanHooreweghe (John Chan, Chemistry)

Kaycey Henning (Justyna Olszewska, Psychology)

Jayda Newman (Robbie Wagoner, Philosophy)

Anissa Garcia (Caryn Murphy, Radio, Television & Film)

Matthew Garvey (Mark Lattery, Physics)

Lux Beibhinn (Kathleen Corley Schuhart, Religious Studies)

Litzy Baltierrez-Romero (Michael Baltutis, Religious Studies)

Matt Frisch (Nenad Stojilovic, Physics)

Nick Morrissay (Evan Kreider, Philosophy)

Kinrandeep Kaur (John Chan, Chemistry)

Special Thanks

COSCA wishes to thank the 58 UW Oshkosh faculty and academic staff members who mentored student research and creative work for this year’s event.  We also appreciate very much that another 61 faculty members agreed to serve as judges for work entered into competition.

Special thanks go to Jonathan Miller, Jennifer Monroe and Trevor Clementi of University Marketing and Communications for all of their hard work in preparing COSCA 2021! 

Thank you for visiting Celebration of Scholarship and Creative Activity!
We hope you are inspired by the excellence and hard work of UW Oshkosh Titans.
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