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Celebration of Scholarship and Creative Activity 2023

Comparison of area and width measurements Zea mays stomatal apertures

Brittany Dupree

Senior, Biology


Guard cells are specialized plant epidermal cells which allow gas exchange between the atmosphere and internal plant body. Complex molecular signaling pathways control guard cell shape, gas exchange, and physiology, To study guard cells, pore width is often measured. However, unlike many plants, pores are irregularly shaped in grass species, thus, need to be measured differently than elliptical stomata. Our results indicate that area and width measurements of Zea mays stomatal pores do not reliably correlate. The impact of the actin depolymerizing drug Latrunculin B on Zea mays stomatal pores had varying results depending on whether stomatal pore widths or pore areas were measured. Our results indicate stomatal pore width measurements of graminoid stomata are not a reliable measurement, and stomatal pore area should be obtained.

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