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Celebration of Scholarship and Creative Activity 2022

“Validity of Body Mass Index regarding Physical Fitness in Pre-Pubescent Youth”

Rachel Blatz

Senior, Kinesiology

Hannah Sullivan



Physical fitness assessments for children are typically utilized for the analysis of overall physical fitness. Obesity, especially for younger generations, is at an all-time high. To keep track of this, schools implement fitness testing to keep track of weight trends and activity. These assessments of physical fitness, in theory, should represent a clear connection to the Body Mass Index (BMI), however in children this relationship is unclear. The purpose of this study is to assess whether the Fitness Gram, which consists of the pacer, sit-up, push-up, and sit-and-reach tests, is a valid predictor of BMI. To test the relationship between BMI and physical fitness testing, a cross-sectional study will be performed with children in grades 5 through 7. Linear regression will be utilized to determine the relationship between the fitness tests and BMI. We anticipate having our data collected from area schools and analyzed prior to the UWO Celebration of Scholarship and Creative Activity. In our poster, outlining our study and findings, we will propose alternatives for future research regarding fitness testing. Additionally, we wish to start this conversation with many faculty members at UWO that educate future clinicians that work with the pediatric obesity crisis. Our findings have the potential to influence the way school districts address fitness testing as part of documenting and helping to improve children’s health. Hannah Sullivan and Rachel Blatz find deep interest in the health and wellness of the American pediatric population given their proposed future in healthcare. Research is the basis of all understanding and we have dedicated our last semester of our undergraduate careers to the innovative and inspiring workload that is experimental research.

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