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Celebration of Scholarship and Creative Activity 2022

“Multiple Woodwind Performance: History, Accessibility, and Curriculum”

Joshua Roberts

Senior, Music Performance


In today’s current educational landscape, universities are creating many qualified individuals in overly specialized disciplines. This is leading to a highly saturated job market of candidates with singular specialties competing for positions that demand a diverse skill set. Individuals are at an advantage to gain or obtain multiple skill sets to become more marketable. In the music industry, musicians need to diversify their skill sets to be competitive for performance and academic jobs. This often requires musicians to learn more instruments to enhance their performance output to fit in with various types of gigs. The biggest problem that the music industry and education system is seeing is consolidation of skills. The modern musician has to market themselves within this changing landscape, and woodwind musicians benefit from learning the practices of multiple woodwind performance. The number of current undergraduate university programs in multiple woodwind performance is minuscule in comparison to graduate level degrees. Through insights from experts in multiple woodwind performance and pedagogy, I have acquired available texts and other resources to understand the demands and expectations of the profession. I will also be practicing multiple woodwinds during this time to acquire first hand experience. This practice, resources, and other first hand accounts have aided me in forming a proposed curriculum at the undergraduate level for multiple woodwind performance. This proposed degree program will benefit university music departments and help students gain more accessibility after completion. This practice will set our future generations up for success in the highly competitive job market.

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  1. Cordelia Bowlus

    Sorry I can’t be there to see you present, Josh. I know you will wow everyone with this project and hopefully inspire some other music majors!


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