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Celebration of Scholarship and Creative Activity 2022

“Compostable Products Research Project”

Joshua Vue

Sophomore, Biology


The research project I have completed is compostable products. The goal of the Compostable Products project is to test various products that many companies claim are compostable under a variety of conditions. The products were put into two different waste piles, an anaerobic biodigester (BD1), and an aerobic compost pile. The products were equally distributed among two piles and put into mesh bags so it would be easier to find after the decomposing cycles. The piles were then compared to see which one was more effective at breaking down the materials. We found that both the anaerobic biodigester and aerobic compost processes broke down materials in the proper conditions. Unfortunately, a landfill is not one of them even though many of them end up there. Some products are made with plastic lining or material which cannot be broken down or are not as biodegradable as the companies claim. Therefore, this research project has shown that some companies’ products are not as biodegradable as they should be. Future research will explore more about biodegradable materials and how effective they are for their environments.

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