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Celebration of Scholarship and Creative Activity 2021

Not Like the Others

Owen Vihos-Hoover

Senior, Music Industry


The piece I have prepared is for solo tenor steel pan and is titled “Not Like the Others” by CJ Menge. The piece is inspired by Chick Corea’s “Children’s Songs” collection for solo piano.

Project Background 

I chose to play this piece this semester because it seemed like a unique challenge, as the title suggests. The piece is built around a two bar pattern in 5/4 meter played with one hand, that gets accompanied by a pattern in 12/8 meter with the other hand. This creates an illusion of two players rather than just one. Learning the piece was slow at first, but it was one of those pieces where once the pattern clicked, the rest came pretty quickly.

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  1. Debbie Gray Patton

    Owen, that was amazing!!! I really appreciated the angle of the video so we could see all the amazing work you were doing! Thank you for sharing a beautiful piece!

  2. Abby Shreve

    What a great tribute for Chick- bravo Owen! Excellent playing, congratulations! 🙂

  3. Ann Kunkle-Jones

    Excellent job! Just mesmerizing to watch and listen to. I agree with Debbie, I really enjoyed being able to watch your work from that angle!

  4. Alison Shaw

    Bravo Owen! Well-done! Thank you for all of the excellent work and study you put into the performance of this complicated piece and sharing the steel pan with the COSCA audience.

  5. Kortney Marco

    That was so good, Owen! I have seen steel drums before and have been fascinated about them, but have never heard someone play one before. I agree with your angle and watching work your magic. Absolutely beautiful to listen to. Great job and Thank you for being willing to share.

  6. Denali Bruce

    Very cool piece and great job preforming it! I enjoyed seeing all the techniques you used when actually playing the steel pan!

  7. Molly Hennig

    Wonderful, Owen! Thank you for such a mindful and skilled performance of such a complex piece!


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