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Celebration of Scholarship and Creative Activity 2021

“Effect of timing, program design, and factors in Complex Training”

Bryce Herlache

Senior, Kinesiology


The purpose of this research is to examine and understand the effects of timing, program design, and factors in complex training. The concept of complex training is the combination of traditional resistance training and plyometric training which aims to improve strength and power. With 16 participants, a complex training program will be completed while 15 participants complete a traditional resistance training. All participants will be assessed using maximum squat, vertical jump, sprint stair power test, and anthropometrics. Once completed, a 9-week training program will be performed that increases intensity and workload. The assessments will be reevaluated to determine significant differences from pre-program to post-program. This will determine differences in power, speed, and strength. All the differences will determine if the rest periods and program design are beneficial for individuals. Hypothesize that the complex group will perform better or the same as the control group. The importance of this research is the timing of rest periods along with the exercises compared to prior studies. Another important factor is the participants are collegiate wrestlers. Due to COVID-19, the experiment will be postponed until circumstances change.

Project Background 

Being able to help coaches and athletes by impacting their performance through my work is what drove me to pursue this research. With my passion for the field, the process was entertaining and I enjoyed majority of it. Of course, things can get stressful when things don’t go according to plan, but that is also where I think I grew the most. We adapted to the constant changes of the environment and society around us.

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  1. Hailey Dehnert

    Hi Bryce, I really enjoyed watching your video and presentation! It was super informative and encouraged reflection on my personal workouts that I do throughout the week in and outside of athletics. This project definitely sheds light on the logistics, as well as importance, of working out consistently to maximize efforts.
    Thank you for sharing your work!

    • Bryce Herlache

      Thank you Hailey! I really tried to focus on aiding individuals by focusing on what I know best. I am glad that this gave you some information and encouragement for you personal workouts! I wish you the best of luck with your health and fitness journeys!

  2. Nathan Hornburg

    Hey Bryce, I thought your video and presentation was excellent, very informative and powerful. This presentation really influenced me to continue a consistent workout and adjust my lifts!

    • Bryce Herlache

      Thank you Nathan, I highly appreciate it! By setting time aside and create a habit of your workouts, I believe that you can create an excellent practice of consistent workouts and perfect the lifts you participate in! Keep up the great work!

  3. Brianna Roberts

    Amazing presentation! I love how it gets everyone thinking about their own personal workout regimen and how they can get the most out of it. Great work Bryce!

  4. Richard

    Great presentation very much enjoyed it! As a high school wrestler althete, this very much resonate with me.


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