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Serving on a committee is a great way to get involved in OSG and on campus. Students will network with influential staff and faculty while attending the required meetings.

The OSG President appoints students to campus-wide committees. A brief meeting with the OSG President is required for students interested in committee assignments. OSG Senate approves the Presidential appointments to committees.

Some reasons students should join a committee include:
* students have the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends
* it allows students to become a leader on campus
* students gain relevant work experience
* it is a good resume builder

For more information or to join a committee, stop by the OSG Office in the Student Leadership and Involvement Center, call the OSG Office at 424-3202, or e-mail

Committee Directory

There are plenty of committees on campus that cover a wide variety of interests. Please note this list is not all-inclusive. For an updated list, please click here: University Committees

Advisory Council for Comprehensive Academic Advising

The Council’s primary purpose is to provide guidance and support to the Director of Academic Advising and to provide the University community with information and guidance around issues of academic advising.

Differential Tuition Finance Committee

The Differential Tuition Finance Committee is responsible for allocating funds from the Differential Tuition Committee. The committee will receive proposals from the core areas that are funded by Differential Tuition. The committee is also responsible for the assessment and evaluation of funded programs.

Graduate Council

Responsible for the formulation of policies concerning graduate programs of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh; serves as an advisory body to the Director of Graduate Services, Dean of Graduate Studies, and the Provost  & Vice-Chancellor.

Parking Appeals Committee

To assess and make decisions regarding the legitimacy and acceptability of all appeals presented in a timely manner by violators. The Committee will review parking policies and make appropriate decisions to the Director of Parking and/or the Assistant Chancellor of Student Affairs [and] will be mindful of the need for service and accommodation while maintaining fiscal responsibility and integrity. 

Reeve Advisory Council

The purpose of the Reeve Advisory Council is to provide a model of leadership and serve as an effective medium of communication for both the Reeve Union Board and the Reeve Advisory Council. To represent the organization on issues and activities that affect Reeve Memorial Union. To serve a resource to the Reeve Memorial Union Director and provide advice based on the appointee’s respective constituencies and the best interests to Reeve Memorial Union. 

Search and Screen Committees

Student representation to serve on various university-wide search and screens. Representation on Search and Screens requires appointment by the OSG President and approval by the OSG Senate.

Segregated Fees Committee

The Segregated Fee Committee is responsible for recommending the maximum level of assessment of segregated university fees. The Committee will recommend to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and the Chancellor the allocable and non-allocable portions of segregated fees and will include a distribution of the non-allocable portion.

Student Allocations Committee (SAC)

The Student Allocations Committee is a standing committee of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh whose purpose is to provide the maximum benefit possible to the UW Oshkosh campus community through the fair, equitable, and viewpoint-neutral distribution of allocable segregated fees to student-recognized student organizations.

Student Conduct Panel

To serve on the panel that provides members for various student disciplinary hearings. The work for the committee, including training and selection to serve on various panels, is coordinated by the Dean of Students Office.

Student Health Advisory Committee

Act as an advisory committee to the Student Health Center, serve as a liaison between students and the Student Health Center administration, provide feedback and input into services, programs, budget, and fees, and provide health outreach to the campus community.

University Studies Program (USP) Committee

The General Education Committee is responsible for the management, review, assessment, and reform of the General Education Program. In carrying out this general charge, the committee will periodically review general education requirements and curriculum. The committee will develop criteria for general education courses and will recommend approval or disapproval of courses proposed to satisfy General Education requirements including those of Ethnic Studies and Non-Western Culture.