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The Cabinet (Food Pantry)


Regular Pantry Hours:

Check out Reeve’s Building Hours for up-to-date information

Holidays and Interims: *subject to change*


Online Ordering

The Cabinet has options for online ordering for easy access and pickup! Simply fill out the online Order Request Form and follow the directions given (hours for pickup may differ from pantry hours).

How can I use the pantry?

The Cabinet is located in the Reeve Memorial Union, next to The Titan Underground (TUG). Oshkosh campus students can use the pantry once a week. Students must bring their TitanCard. Students can also submit an Online Food Pantry Request if they cannot make it in-person.

Once inside the pantry, a pantry staff member will check students in with their TitanCard. Students will then be giving a bag to shop with (you are welcome to bring your own). Students will then be notified of the weekly food limits that they are allowed to take. Once shopping is complete, students will then check-out with the pantry staff. Students are then welcome to come back the following week!

How can I donate?

Donations are welcome! You can drop off any donations at the Cabinet during its open hours. Donations can, also, be dropped off at the OSG Office, located in the Reeve Union, R208C. A donation box is, also, located next to the Titan Central Desk and is available during the Reeve Union’s open building hours. For those looking to donate, below is a Wish List of items the program is looking for.
The Student Government thanks you for your participation and giving!

For any questions or concerns about the donations or drop-off locations, please contact our Food Pantry Director at

For other questions or concerns, please contact the OSG Office: (920) 424-3202;

Are there volunteer opportunities at The Cabinet?

The Cabinet is always looking for volunteers to help serve students in-person and collect online orders. It’s a great way to get service hours, meet people and make a difference in the campus community! Contact our Food Pantry Director at if you’d like to learn more about volunteering.

New Online Wishlist

The Food Pantry now maintains an online Wishlist via that details specific food and hygiene items and quantities that it is in immediate need of:

Online Wishlist

This online list, also, provides the opportunity for viewers to purchase the listed items directly from Walmart and have them ready for in-store pickup or delivery.
If anyone feels inclined to utilize the list to make such a purchase/donation and have the items shipped to the pantry, please use the following address:
748 Algoma Blvd.
Reeve Memorial Union
Oshkosh, WI 54901
Any and all donations are greatly appreciated!

Generic Wish List (Ideas)

The Cabinet is in need of the following items!

Canned Goods

Vegetables (all kinds), Tomato/Pasta Sauce, Peanut butter, Fruit (all kinds), Soup (chicken noodle, tomato, stew, etc.)


Boxed Meals/Foods

Including Hamburger Helper and Mashed Potatoes


Hygiene/Care Products

Body Wash/Shampoo (Scented and Unscented), Toothpaste, Conditioner, Deodorants (Scented and Unscented), Lotions, Pads (different sizes), Tampons (different sizes), Shaving Cream, Razors



Tuna (canned), Manwich, Chicken (canned), Tofu


Breakfast Foods and Snacks

Cereal, Nuts/Seeds, Oats/Oatmeal, Trail Mix, Granola bars, Nature Valley Products, Quaker Oats Products, Nutra Grain Bars, Honey, Popcorn



Noodles (spaghetti, elbow, penne, etc.), Ramen, Quinoa, Rice, Rice a Roni (all flavors).


The Cabinet now accepts Milk and other drink items!

Milk (dairy, soy, almond, etc.), bottled water, Gatorade, etc.