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Restrictions and/or Referral of Services

The OSA Student Legal Service is designed to make services available for the legal problems that students most frequently encounter. However, there will be situations in which services will not be offered or benefits will be restricted – for instance, in legal matters in which the ethical responsibilities of an attorney may be compromised, in cases where services that are more appropriate are available elsewhere, and in matters requiring excessive time, cost, or expertise.

Because of the difficulty of anticipating all of the special legal problems students may encounter, the guidelines that follow are meant to provide a general idea of the way and extent to which specific problems will be handled by OSA Student Legal Service. The final determination regarding the extent of services available in particular cases will be made by OSA Student Legal Service.

Please remember that every student currently enrolled in University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is entitled to an office consultation with the OSA Student Legal Service attorney. You are encouraged to seek advice on the nature and scope of any legal problem you might have – even if it appears to you that the problem may not be resolved through OSA Student Legal Service.

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