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Continuation of Services after Graduation

The University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh and OSA Student Legal Service staff realizes that many legal problems are complex and continuing in nature. You may initiate a legal action while you are a student currently enrolled.  However, the case may still be pending at a later time when you are technically not eligible for services. For example, you may initiate a court action during spring semester and find that your appearance in court will not occur until the middle of summer.

For this reason – that is, to ensure continuity of services, to protect individual client’s interests and to preserve the professional responsibility of the attorneys – continued services will be available on the following basis: Students involved in unresolved legal matters initiated by them during a semester in which they paid the student services fee will have their cases followed through to completion subject to the limitations stated elsewhere in this document.

If, however, alternative legal services are available at no cost to the student without unreasonable interference in the progress of the case, the OSA Student Legal Service may withdraw in favor of such alternative services consistent with the ethical obligations of attorneys.

At no time will a student be eligible for continued service for purposes of initiating a legal matter; extended eligibility for legal services is provided as a measure of protecting the client once a legal procedure has been initiated. At all times, continued service will be a subject to the professional discretion of the attorney assigned to the case.


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