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Serving on a committee is a great way to get involved in OSA and on campus. Students will network with influential staff and faculty while attending the required meetings.

The OSA President appoints students to campus wide committees. A brief meeting with the OSA President is required for students interested in committee assignment.  OSA Assembly and OSA Senate approve the Presidential appointments to committees.

Some reasons students should join a committee include:
* students have the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends
* it allows students to become a leader on campus
* students gain relevant work experience
* it is a good resume builder

There are a great deal of committees on campus that cover a wide variety of interests.  To see if there is a committee that you would like to be a part of, check out the Committee Directory.  Please note this list is not all-inclusive.

For more information or to join a committee, stop by the OSA Office in the Student Leadership and Involvement Center, call the OSA Office at 424-3202, or e-mail osa@uwosh.edu.



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