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Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC)

March 19 @ 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Video Conference Call Oshkosh Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee MeetingMarch 19, 2024 – 12:00 PM-1:30 PMMicrosoft Teams Meeting:Click here to join the meetingMeeting ID: 254 333 773 05Passcode: s7FSY7Download Teams | Join on the webOr call in (audio only)+1 608-440-8168 PIN:311669284#Current IACUC Members (10 voting members) Quorum=6Colin Long, Associate Dean COLS, IACUC ChairPeter Gasper, Attending Campus VeterinarianM. Elsbeth McPhee, Scientist, Environmental StudiesCourtney Kurtz, Scientist, BiologyJohn Scheelk, Retired Cartographer, NonaffiliatedStephanie Spehar, Scientist, Anthropology, Global Religions, and CulturesJames Koch, Scientist, PsychologyMichael Jasinski, Nonscientist, Political ScienceKelly Schill, IACUC Administrator, Sponsored Programs/Risk & SafetySara Hagedorn, Laboratory Animal Manager, BiologyAlternate IACUC MembersDana Merriman, Scientist, BiologyAnimal Care and Use Program Key PersonnelEdwin Martini, Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Institutional Official for ResearchColin Long, IACUC Chair, Associate Dean of College of Letters and SciencePeter Gasper, Attending Veterinarian, One Medicine LLCKelly Schill, IACUC Administrator, Sponsored Programs/Risk & SafetySara Hagedorn, Laboratory Animal Manager, BiologyAgendaI. Meeting called to order at ____________ (Chair Long).a. Attendance and confirmation of quorumII. Review of Minutes from January 4, 2024III. New Businessa. Animal Use Protocolsi. New Animal Use Protocols (1)a. Via Designated Member Review (0):b. Via Full Committee Review (1):1. Protocol #341: Behavioral responses of northern sea otters and harbor seals to anthropogenic activity in Homer, AK (PI) (McPhee, student: Shawna Jackson)- Observational Studyii. Renewal of Animal Use Protocols (0)iii. Modification Requests to Animal Use Protocolsa. Via IACUC Administrative Review (8)1. Protocols # 228-R4, 229-R4, 244-R4, 246-R4, 249-R4, 296-R2, 335, 338: (Michalski): Update in personnel- Approved administratively 3/12/2024b. Via Veterinarian Verification and Consultation (VVC) (0)c. Via Designated Member Review (0)d. Via Full Committee Review (2)1. Protocol #246-R4: Molecular Basis of Infectivity -microfilariae and maintenance of contingency life cycles for Filariasis Research ReagentResource Center (FR3) (Michalski)i. Addition of oral gavage technique and medications to be injected2. Protocol #337: Respiratory function in lung injury (Fauna Bio: Sprenger, Sajdak):Changes requested (see modification request form and updated protocol):i. 2B: Addition of more rats to accommodate new experimentsii. 3A. Wording added to justify the addition of the addition of the sugen hypoxia model and the two pharmacology experiments – bezold jarisch reflex and pulmonary j-receptor reflex. We examined benefit from our novel compound and evidence of benefit in pulmonary hypertension which the sugen model mimics. Thus, we want to examine this new indication and also gather pharmacology data (BJR and pulm. J-receptor reflex) to move our compound to clinical trial.iii. 3B. Wording added to describe the addition of the methods introduced in 3Aiv. 3C. animal number adjustments, and description of experiments 5 (pharmacology experiments) and 6 (sugen hypoxia).v. 4B. Addition of a caging modification to accommodate chronic hypoxia exposure. Rat cages will have a sealing plexiglass lid instead of wire lid. New lid will allow food and water to be provided and fit on a normal rat 5A. Wording added to reflect the direction taken by the new experiments and how they tie into the original experiment.vii. 5B. Experimental descriptions of sugen hypoxia, BJR, and pulmonary j-receptor methods.viii. 6A. Expected complications with the new experiments added.ix. 6B. Wording added for sugen hypoxia monitoring.x. Appendix B8. Wording added to include the new non-survival experiments (BP, BJR, and pulm. J-receptor)xi. Appendix H. Sugen added to list. Working with Greg P. to understand handling of drug. Researchers seek to add pharmacology to this protocol to gather dosing information needed to move compound to clinical trial given their positive results. Researchers have evidence from a collaborating institution suggesting that the compound also may have benefit in another related pulmonary disease; pulmonary hypertension (PAH) and thus we seek to add a PAH model to the protocol (sugen hypoxia).b. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) (2) (Long/Merriman/Hagedorn)i. New Standard Operating Procedures (1)a. SOP # 51: Assignment of Animal Space in UWO Vivarium and Satellite Facilitiesii. 3-Year Renewal of Standard Operating Procedures (0)iii. Updated/Modified Standard Operating Procedures (1)a. SOP #3: 13-Lined Ground Squirrel Care Procedures1. Note: Protocol #260 references SOP #3 and all changes are reflected in this updated SOP2. Updates to caging type, container nests for breeding, lighting, and shipping containers.b. SOP #5: Analgesia1. Updated to reflect the need for a DEA license in order to use buprenorphine.c. Unexpected Event/Problem Reports (1) (Schill/Long)i. Unexpected Event or Problem Report from 1/29/24.ii. Animal care staff was bit by a gerbil infected with Brugia while restraining it. Staff member scrubbed with soap and water 15 minutes, applied iodine, and a bandage. Staff member received additional training on gerbil handling. IBC and EH&S manager were notified.d. Post-Approval Monitoring (PAM): (2 visits) (Dr. Pete Gasper)i. Protocol # 246-R4: Molecular Basis of Infectivity-microfilariae and maintenance of contingency life cycles for Filariasis Research Reagent Resource Center (FR3)Title (Michalski), SOP #7: Mongolian Gerbils Care Procedure, and SOP #44: Guidelines for Blood Collection.a. Dr. Pete observed Teagan Janness-Jording, Pedro Cachu Cuevas, and Ryan Sprenger perform a surgical transplantation of adult Brugia spp. into gerbils on 2/19/24.b. Dr. Pete observed Amie Tanner and Ted Harris perform IP tap procedure and retro-orbital eye bleed on 2/26/24.IV. Updated Manualsa. COLS Disaster Plan for UWO Coloniesi. Schill made biosafety updates including the addition of UWO’s biological spill response and exposure control plan (page 28-29)V. Training Updates (Hagedorn)a. Animal Care Training since last meeting: 4 (Amie Tanner, Ted Harris, Ashley Hermans, Srilata Manikandan)b. Respirator Fit-Testing since last meeting: New trainees have watched the OSHA video and will schedule their N-95 fit-testing with Hagedornc. Hagedorn work schedule through JuneVI. Animal Facility/Maintenance Updates (Kurtz/Merriman)a. Halsey cage washerb. CACF hibernaculum feasibility studyVII. Occupational/Environmental Health and Safety Updates: (Long)a. EH&S Committee:b. Lab Shop Studio Safety (LSSST):c. Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC): Next IBC meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 30, 2024. Submission deadline is Tuesday, April 16, 2024.VIII. Items from IACUC Administration/Compliance (Schill/Long):a. AAALAC annual report was submitted on 2/5/24.b. AAALAC post site visit communication was submitted on February 14, 2024. The council meets in May, so we will likely hear a response on accreditation status in June.c. Seeking veterinarian to provide backup veterinary services. Dr. Adrienne accepted a new position out of state. Dr. Carrier has agreed to provide emergency services in the interim.IX. Items from Chair (Long):X. Items from the Veterinarian (Gasper):XI. Items from the IACUC:XII. Items from the floor (guests):XIII. Meeting Adjourned at ___________ (Long).Upcoming Meetings:a. Thursday, May 9, 2024 (Semi-annual program review and inspections): 11:30 am-1:00 pmb. Protocol submission deadlines posted on website under IACUC Meetings Edwin Martini, Institutional Official for Research, submitted with Semi-Annual Review to IOMichele Kostenuik03/15/2024