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Faculty Senate

February 11, 2020 @ 3:10 pm - 4:10 pm

I. State of the University
A. Senate of Academic Staff (Miller)
B. University Staff Senate (Jaeke)
C. OSA (Debroux)
D. Access Campus Report (Jurmu)

II. Minutes of December 10, 2019 [pp 308-311]
III. Guest: Robert Wagoner – Improvement of Instruction Committee Updates
IV. Unfinished Business

V. New Business/Action Items
A. APC – Forms C –
1. COLS: UW Collaborative Online Associate of Arts and Sciences Degree [pp 312-324]
2. COLS: Multiple Departments – Humanities Certificate [pp 325-346]
3. COLS: COLS: Communication Studies- Add elective COMM 403 for Communication Studies major/minor and Organizational Communication minor [pp 347-350]
4. COLS: Environmental Studies – Add elective ES/English 399 for Environmental Policy & Values emphasis and Environmental Studies minor [pp 351-354]
5. COLS: History- HIS 201ES will count exactly as HIS 201, and HIS 202ES will count exactly as HIS202 [pp 355-358]
6. COLS: English – And ENG 359 to Area D and Eng Lit Minor and to electives for HHS Minor [pp 359-361]
7. COLS: English – Add ENG 360 to Area D of both Eng Lib Arts Major & Eng Sec ED major and Eng Lit minor [pp 362-365]
8. COLS: English – Add ENG 388 & 397 to the list of courses that fulfil Area B or Eng Lib Arts Major [pp 366-369]
9. COLS: English – Add ENG 399 to Area D of Eng Lib Arts Major & Eng Sec Ed Major and Eng Lit Minor [pp 370-373]
10. COLS: Kinesiology – Exercise & Sport Science [pp 374-377]
11. COLS: Political Science – Law and Policy Minor (remove Bus 321, Finance 320 and GS 370 as electives [pp 378-381]
12. COLS: RTF – Add RTF 130 to major and minor, Add RTF 335 & 336 as new electives [pp 382-386]
13. COLS: Environmental Studies – Count ES 474 Honors Thesis as an elective in areas of the ES major and minor [pp 387-390]
14. COLS: English – Linguistics Minor, reduce the foreign language requirement [pp 391-393]
15. COLS: Kinesiology – Rehabilitation Science, drop 104 as required and add 368, add electives [pp 394-397]
16. COB: Finance & Business Law – Reduce credits from 54 to 51 [pp 398-402]
17. COB: Supply Chain Management – Reduce credits from 74 to 71 [pp 403-408]
18. COB: Supply Chain Management – Add SCM Global Procurement & Strategic Sourcing to BBA requirements [pp 409-425]
19. COB: Information Systems – Add CS 221 as an optional course [pp 426-428]

B. APC – Program Review
1. Journalism Department
APC Program Review of Journalism [p 429]
Dean’s Summary & Recommendation [pp 430-431]
Report of the Program Review Committee [pp 432-433]

C. Committee Appointment: (1) Improvement of Instruction- Juergen Sidgman
D. College of Business Bylaws Revision [p 434]

VI. Discussion Items
VII. Committee Reports
A. APC–AQI Task Force – Senator Bentivenga
B. Assessment Committee – Senator Matson
C. Administrators Evaluation Committee – Senate Szydlik

VIII. Information Items
A. USP Items course list [p 435] Full forms in OneDrive for Senators

IX. Items from Members

X. President’s Report
A. Provost Administrative Staff
B. Leadership Council
C. Chancellors Administrative Staff
D. System Representatives Meeting
E. Board of Regents Meeting

April Dutscheck



February 11, 2020
3:10 pm - 4:10 pm


Reeve 306