Data Science

Data Science

Looking for a Future in Big Data? 


Earn your Bachelor of Science in Applied Computing from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh—100% Online

Organizations in nearly every industry are looking for professionals with the skills to transform big data into better insights and decisions—and these data scientists are in short supply. You could fill that gap. 


The University of Wisconsin Data Science Program features: 

An interdisciplinary curriculum.

Learn to harness the power of Big Data with coursework that will not only teach you cutting-edge technology, but will also hone highly sought-after power skills, including-communication, data ethics, and leadership.

Input from industry leaders.

Both our faculty and advisory board members are practicing experts in their fields. Their expertise determined what went into our truly outstanding data science program. Our graduates are highly prepared for jobs in data analysis, database administration, big data engineering, data mining, and many other fields.

Our innovative virtual lab.

You’ll have direct access to software tools and programming languages such as R, Python, SQL Server, and Tableau without having to purchase or install on your computer.

Our Students Have Something to Say 

“When it comes to putting your heart and soul into something, you need to go for it. People can say going back to school is impossible. I have a family and a busy, full-time job. If I can do it, anybody can do it.” 

— Venmathi Shanmugam, UW Data Science student 

“The multi-campus nature of this program allowed us to build a truly interdisciplinary curriculum. In traditional single-campus programs, the data science faculty might be made up mostly of computer science instructors. But because our program draws interested faculty from across the University of Wisconsin System, our instructors bring expertise in computer science, statistics, business management, communication, and more. This broad base of knowledge and experience is a really big benefit of our multi-campus model. No one campus would have been able to offer a program like this on its own.” 

— UW Data Science Academic Director Alex Smith 



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