Applied Computing

Applied Computing

Want To Make Things Possible?

Earn your Bachelor of Science in Applied Computing from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh—100% Online

In nearly every industry, businesses can no longer operate without skilled, perceptive IT professionals to drive process, create connections, and solve business problems. With the University of Wisconsin Bachelor of Science in Applied Computing, a hands-on computer science program with a valuable focus on the business skills employers need, you can be the problem solver who makes things possible—for your company and your career.


The UW Applied Computing program proves to employers that you have the tools required to solve their organization’s day-to-day technical and operational issues. More importantly, it teaches you how to develop new technologies and participate in future tech innovation so you’ll know how to fix tomorrow’s problems


Today’s employers need well-rounded IT professionals. This unique computer science curriculum has a sharp focus on business skills like project management, IS strategy, and legal and ethical issues, so you can use your technical expertise to propel the organization forward.


Because the program was designed with working adults in mind, skills are combined and taught in the same way professionals utilize them day-to-day in the workplace. With the capstone course, you’ll get a chance to apply your knowledge in a real-world setting, giving you the practical experience employers will notice.



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