Applied Biotechnology

Applied Biotechnology

Flexible, 100% Online Graduate Programs in Biotechnology

Courses in the Master of Science in Applied Biotechnology are completed entirely online—an ideal format for busy professionals. Aptitude tests, such as the GMAT or GRE, are not required for admission.

Earn your degree or certificate from the University Wisconsin Oshkosh

  • Access course content from any device.
  • Zero on-campus meetings or requirements.
  • No need to be online at a specific time for classes.
  • Interact with faculty and fellow students via online discussion boards.
  • Be part of the exciting growth in biotechnology.

Every day, biotechnology is working to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems and moving forward with revolutionary solutions. The value biotechnology offers to the world through its continual development of useful products has fueled its rapid growth, and employment and wage growth consistently exceeds other occupations.

Applied Biotechnology—Master of Science

11 courses. 31 credits. Core curriculum+Specialization tracks

Whether your interest is in healthcare, agriculture, or industry, you’ll learn how to bring the best of biotech to market. Tracks in Quality Assurance, Business Management, or R&D.

Who Should Apply?

Professionals currently working in biotechnology and related settings who are seeking career advancement, or those with a science background seeking entry to the field. The master’s degree and the certificate program are an ideal way to expand your skills and knowledge in a flexible, online format. Aptitude tests, such as the GMAT or GRE, are not required for admission.

“When I see someone with a degree from the University of Wisconsin System, I have confidence in their abilities and work ethic. As a UW program, the Bachelor of Science in Applied Computing carries a reputation of quality and rigor. These students haven’t just gone through the motions for their degree; they’ve challenged themselves at every level. “

Jeff Thomas: Chief Technology Officer



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