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Your credits work for you at UWO Online!

If you have previous college-level course work, your credits can transfer to a UW Oshkosh Online bachelor’s degree.

The specific number of credits that transfer can vary by individual based on the institution where the credits were earned and the type of courses that were taken.

To determine how your credits will transfer prior to application, students can do two things:

Connect with a UWO Online Advisor

One of our academic advisors can evaluate your transcripts and provide you with an estimate of transfer credits based on program interest.

Please fill out a Request for More Information form to be connected with a dedicated online advisor.

Contact an advisor at or (920) 424-3164 to have your credits evaluated. 


See how your credits will transfer to UWO Online

You can see how your credits will transfer to UW Oshkosh by using Transferology, a nationwide network that helps students explore transfer options.

Students can create a free account by clicking the icon above. Enter the coursework you’ve completed, then use the search to see how it transfers.



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