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Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are "3rd party programs" that accept applications from individual university students to study or intern on programs wholly developed and managed by the third party. The third party may be another university, an institution, an organization or a company.

As an affiliate, UW Oshkosh does not play a role or have any responsibility in relation to the curriculum, teaching, logistics, day-to-day operations, etc. of the program. However, it is expected that any UW Oshkosh unit proposing an affiliate partnership with a third party will have a plan for periodic academic review and for supporting student advising and orientation.

UW Oshkosh enters into affiliation agreements with select third parties following the campus policy for the development of new affiliate programs.

Applying to Develop a New Affiliate Program

  1. Make an appointment with the OIE Director to discuss development of a new affiliate program agreement.
  2. Complete the Application to Begin Initial Planning for an Affiliate Program.
  3. Attach a memo, addressed to both the Provost and the Chancellor, justifying the need for a new affiliate program. Also include information on your plan for:Submit the Initial Planning application and memo to the OIE.
    1. awarding transfer credit;
    2. periodic academic review;
    3. marketing your program;
    4. providing appropriate program advising to prospective students;
    5. providing appropriate orientation to selected students;
    6. how costs will be covered when developing and supporting the program.
    7. *Add other information that you feel is appropriate.*

The OIE will review the application, check U.S. State Department and other health and safety sources and forward the application, along with a written recommendation on approval or denial, to the Provost. The Provost makes final determinations as to whether an application is accepted or denied.

If approved, the OIE Director will meet with you to discuss development of the Request to Develop an Affiliate Program. You may need additional meetings to cover everything.

After this meeting:

  1. Travel to the proposed partner institution. *see "Your Contact Abroad" below.
  2. If feasible, host representatives from your proposed partner institution on campus. Plan at least one and a half to two hours for proposed partner institution representatives to meet with the OIE Director while they are on campus.
  3. Complete the Request to Develop an Affiliate Program while traveling. This must be completed in coordination with your proposed partner institution abroad.

If approved, the OIE will work with you to create a program fee, total cost estimate and web guide and will add your program to study abroad flyers.

NOTE: New programs must be approved by the Provost and Vice Chancellor before they can be advertised to students as official UW Oshkosh programs. This does not, however, prohibit you from talking to students about the possibility of offering such a program and asking for feedback from students.

Liaison to the OIE — Responsibilities

Each affiliate program must have a lead advocate who acts as liaison to the OIE. The Liaison is responsible for communicating with the OIE in relation to the program and for disseminating information sent by the OIE to other program advocates.

Faculty/ Academic Staff Advocate — Responsibilities

All advocates should actively promote the program and be open to meeting with potential participants.

At least one advocate must act as academic adviser for outbound students. The adviser will either:

  • work with outbound students to select and pre-approve courses for transfer following normal university guidelines for course transfer approval, or
  • work with staff at the host institution to enroll students in the appropriate coursework abroad.

OIE — Responsibilities

The OIE is responsible for maintaining contact with the third party in order to send students. The OIE will manage the application process, student payments and OIE orientation.


The OIE offers a required program-general orientation for all study abroad participants. Advocates must also develop and deliver a program-specific orientation for all participants. Student orientation must be coordinated with the OIE Director to ensure that information provided in the OIE orientation and the unit's orientation do not conflict.

Your Contact Abroad

Be aware of the responsibilities and relationship to the international office (if there is one) of the person you are working with abroad. Very often, administrators (at any level) and faculty are not aware of policies and procedures in place at their institutions for developing and administering affiliate programs. While your contact may be the best person to meet with to discuss curriculum and course transfer issues, s/he may not be familiar with campus housing, meal options/ requirements, transcript format, course enrollment procedures, etc. When visiting your contacts, in addition to meetings with faculty colleagues and other supporters, be sure to request a meeting with the staff who will actually implement the program.


There are no deadlines for the Application to Begin Initial Planning for an Affiliate Program or the Request to Develop an Affiliate Program. However, keep in mind that the OIE will need time to review proposals, write agreements, develop timelines and correspond with foreign counterparts before an agreement can be finalized. After an agreement is finalized, the OIE will need time to work out fees and create a web guide. The amount of time it takes to develop an affiliate program will depend largely on whether or not the foreign institution has a developed International Office with procedures in place for accepting foreign students and the time of year the proposal is approved at UW Oshkosh. The OIE can work with established international offices, faculty liaisons or administrative liaisons.


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Fax: (920) 424-0185
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