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NSE Compliance

The UW Oshkosh Office of International Education advises domestic exchange students on issues related to and affected by their participation in the National Student Exchange.

It is the individual student’s responsibility to know AND to follow NSE regulations.

Your responsibilities as a student on the National Student Exchange are to:

  • Enroll in a full course of study at the beginning of every session (excluding break periods);
  • Consult with your Home Campus Advisor and UWO NSE Advisor if you feel you must drop below a full course of study;
  • Report address changes to UW Oshkosh;
  • Consult with your Home Campus Advisor and UWO NSE Advisor to extend your program; and
  • Consult with your Home Campus Advisor and UWO NSE Advisor to end your program early.

The Office of International Education’s responsibility is to provide information on NSE rules, to provide information on UW Oshkosh processes related to these rules, and to advise students on these processes.

Advising takes place

  • Through written information on the Office of International Education web site;
  • Through written materials emailed to students prior to arrival in the U.S.;
  • Through an extensive, mandatory International & Exchange Student Orientation prior to each semester;
  • Through periodic email announcements; and
  • Through individual advising, following a student’s attendance at orientation and after a student’s thorough review of written information.
Provide Up-to-date Information to the OIE
Change of Address

You must submit your new address to the OIE within 10 days of moving. You must ALSO change your address in TitanWeb.

If you change your address in TitanWeb only, the Office of International Education will NOT be notified and your SEVIS record will NOT be updated.

Use the Office of International Education "Change of Address" form to report your new address.

Update your address in TitanWeb. (Do not complete the form linked here; instead, view instructions at the BOTTOM of the linked page.)

Course Enrollment
Minimum Course Enrollment

NSE students must be enrolled in a minimum number of credits each semester in accordance with NSE requirements.

  • 14- or 17-week Semester: students must take a minimum of 12 credits during the 14-week semester OR 12 credits during the 17-week semester;
  • Summer I and Summer II sessions: no minimum;
  • January and Spring Interim: not required, provided the student has taken 12 credits over the 14-week semester.
Less than Minimum Course Enrollment

NSE students may request to drop below required full-time enrollment ONLY under the following two circumstances.  

  • Academic Difficulties: students who find that academic challenges prevent them from being able to successfully attend classes full time may apply for a “reduced credit load” for one semester only PROVIDED their home campus approves.
  • Medical Condition: students with a medical condition, documented by a U.S. healthcare provider, that prohibits them from attending classes full time may apply for a “reduced credit load” for one semester only PROVIDED their home campus approves.  

Requests must be made to the Office of International Education and must be approved by the student's home campus.  Note that any student using Federal Financial Aid or other aid money that requires full-time enrollment will also need the approval of the financial aid officer on their home campus.  There is no guarantee that requests can be approved, even with home campus support.

Departure from UW Oshkosh
Request a Transcript

To transfer credit from UW Oshkosh to your institution, you must request a University of Wisconsin Oshkosh transcript.  Transcript requests must be placed well in advance of the date needed to ensure adequate time for processing; transcripts will not be issued to students who have any outstanding financial obligations to the University.  To order a UW Oshkosh transcript, see

Order your UW Oshkosh Transcript

NOTE: Check the appropriate box under "Hold for Grades In Progress."  (If you check the wrong box or don't check any box at all, your transcripts could be sent to you before grades are posted.  If you're not sure which boxes to check, please ask in the Registrar's Office on the first floor of Dempsey Hall.)

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