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6 - Return

You're back!  You've successfully completed your program abroad/away, and you're wondering - what's next for me?

Incorporate your experience into your resume.  

Turn to Career Services for reliable resources on resume development, and review a sample of an "international" resume for ideas!

Read the International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) guide to promoting your volunteer abroad experience to employers.

Build on Your Experience Abroad

Pursue an Undergraduate Global Scholar Certificate at UW Oshkosh.

Earn a Language Certificate in French, German, Japanese or Spanish.

Earn your TESOL Certificate (Teaching English as a Second Language) and apply for teaching jobs abroad.

Join a club to continue interacting with students from around the world and/or with other students who share your global passions and perspective.  Consider the International Student Association (for international AND domestic students!) or other globally-focused student orgs.

Complete a Virtual International Internship 

Consider working abroad!  

Transitions Abroad
Articles and resources for jobs overseas, including teaching jobs overseas.

  • Learn how to search and prepare for your first job abroad.

Begin searching for opportunities here and abroad.

Check out our international employment resource list.

  • work in international education
  • teach abroad
  • teach English abroad
  • volunteer abroad
  • work or intern abroad

Begin processing everything you've learned!

Understand that things have changed - not necessarily at home, but in the way you view home.  By now, you're realizing that, unless the person you are explaining your program away to has also been through something similar, it isn't possible to actually convey the full impact that your experience had on you.  These resources may help you better digest your own experience and potentially explain it to others: Students AbroadExpaticaGoogle "study abroad re-entry" or "reverse culture shock" for more resources.


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