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3 - Explore & Choose

Choose Your Program!

Use our Study Abroad/Away Destinations chart to view all of our current program offerings. Compare based on course options, country, term, program model, accommodation, and cost.

See All Intern Abroad and Study/Intern Abroad Program Options
Intern Abroad programs include a professional internship only.  Study/Intern Abroad programs require enrollment in both regular courses and an internship.View Internship & Study/Intern Options by:
None of UWO's Programs Work for Me!
Search through study abroad programs offered by other UW System institutions.

If you choose a program that is not sponsored by UW Oshkosh, review this "Advising Guide to Non-sponsored Programs" to ensure that you've followed all the right steps for course transfer, financial aid, academic leave of absence and university re-entry, and more.

Review Program Models

A UWO professor accompanies a group of students throughout their stay in the foreign country, helping to focus students' experiences and offering student support. Students take courses from these UWO professors or from host school professors, are enrolled at UWO for UWO credit, and earn grades from UWO professors.
Direct Enroll
Students are enrolled directly in a host university and are either part of the general student body or are part of an international student group (when at an institution serving foreign students only). Courses are offered and graded by the host institution and are taught by professors from that institution. Direct enrollment offers immersion, a wide range of courses and use of the host institution's facilities. Students can elect to study abroad for a short-term program (January Interim or Summer term), single semester or full year. UWO professors/staff do not generally accompany students on direct enroll programs.
Student Exchange
UWO students pay tuition to attend other universities, allowing students with tuition scholarships or veterans benefits to participate at lower cost.

Attend an Exploratory Event

Study Abroad/Away Fair

Explore study, work, intern, teach, and volunteer abroad opportunities.  Learn more about programs offered through UWO, as well as programs offered through other UW System institutions and 3rd party provider companies. Chat with past participants, OIE staff, and faculty leaders. Learn about Scholarships, grants and Financial Aid. Click here to see the Study Abroad/Away Poster

Career Fair on the Fox
The perfect way to identify an internship opportunity abroad!  Hosted by UW Oshkosh Career Services on the UWO campus, look for the Office of International Education table and stop by for more information.
Information Sessions
Discover the range of study abroad options available at UWO! Each semester we host a variety of information sessions on different programs. These are a great place to get all of your questions answered! See our events calendar for upcoming sessions, details will also be sent through the student announcements list.
Financial Aid & Scholarships
Attend this group advising session in relation to financial aid and scholarships for long and short-term programs. See our events calendar for upcoming sessions, details will also be sent through the student announcements list.

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