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About the Center

The College of Nursing has a wide variety of high, medium and low fidelity simulation technology.  We will work with any community partner to create a customized training program to meet your special needs.  

The College of Nursing Simulation Center has Laerdal, Gaumard and CAE Simulators, ranging from birthing simulators to adult trauma capabilities. Additionally, we have a state of the art video recording system that has the capability of recording anywhere to meet all of your learning and training needs. Our facilities, technologies, and expertise allow us to create realistic environments and clinical situations that intellectually, physically, and emotionally engage learners.

Simulation Team Experts
Our Simulation team has expertise in all aspects of conducting simulations. We provide the level of support you need at all stages, from project conceptualization to development, and from implementation to evaluation. Click here to schedule a consultation or project, and we will collaborate with you to develop and implement simulation strategies matched to your educational needs. 

LearningSpace (LS) Technologies
LS enable video and performance data from simulation sessions to be captured in a web-based format that is viewable both remotely and on-site. This maximizes the simulation experience by allowing for immediate debriefing, assessment of skills, and continuous professional development.

Utilizing Data
Simulation provides a rich source of performance data for uniquely assessing learner competence, identifying curricular needs, and meeting accreditation standards.

Download: Simulation Center Brochure

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We look forward to working with you.

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