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Recording Showcase 2020


by Tho Lee

Tho Lee

Senior, Recording Technologies


I write and produce music that grows from spurring emotions of which I can’t make sense of. And I wanted to use the resources that were available to me before it was too late. I kept this song mainly acoustic in the beginning with piano and voice, later adding saxophone and drums. Nearing the end of the recording process, I layered synth lines and ambient auxiliary percussion to further create my envisioned space. I try to tell stories that ‘overcome’, since music is my benevolence.

About the producer 

Hello! I have grown to who I have become through the watering of my brain, with the colors of their crayons, borrowed from other growing musicians. I wouldn’t be here without them. My goals involve self discovery whenever that may come.

About The Process

My songs always start on piano where I find the chords to set my tone. This helps me create a clearer image for everything else that comes after. The writing process usually takes about a month since it coincides with my own personal development, which can be very time consuming. When I finally begin to record, I love to experiment with different mics and mic techniques especially on the piano where I found having 5 separate mics on a grand piano to be my sweet spot, especially for this song.


Tho Lee

Rachel Ryan

James Kies

Evan Balistrieri

Zach Miller

Collin Brault

Doug Lane

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  1. Alison Shaw

    Very nice writing. Great job.


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