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We welcomed an enthusiastic group of new Freshmen as students got back to work this Fall. It didn’t take long for classes to launch into projects and new learning experiences. One such class is “Care & Repair”, which tasks students with upkeep of the university recording studio. Some of our more recent projects have included soldering and repairing microphone cables and organizing important areas of the studio to have a better workflow.

Kristan and Maya hard at work on cable repairs

In another course, Recording Studio Procedures, we started with demonstrating stereo microphone techniques. What better way to show this than with a beautiful Steinway Grand Piano? Several of our students performed for the class so that we could capture the nuances between different microphone positions.

Molly plays us both a classical and “pop” style selection

To take things back to the very beginning, we had a fantastic opening meeting as the semester kicked off. Students used the opportunity to discuss organization opportunities including Students for Music and Songwriting Club. It is great that there are so many ways for students to be involved and continue to learn outside of the classroom. The year is off to a great start in the Music department at UWO!

Music Business professor, Dr. Sharon Tenhundfeld, asks club leader Doug to discuss Songwriting Club to students.