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In our Group Recording Sessions class, we had the exciting opportunity to record the excellent band comprised of some of our students, Happy to Be Here. They presented us with beautiful vocal harmonies and insightful songwriting.

During the session, students decided on microphones and proper placement in order to capture the best possible live performance and audio mix. The musicians also needed a monitor mix in order to hear themselves perform. The unique instrumentation of piano, amplified guitar, and synthesizer, along with three vocal mics, also provided a unique challenge.

The performance was also captured on video and will be edited into a live performance for presentation on YouTube. This has been a fun series for practicing production techniques in a real-world environment. Things don’t always go perfectly as planned, but that’s what the experience is all about: Learning and developing a better understanding of the process. A huge thanks goes out to the band for performing for us!

An overhead view from the studio during the setup process